Reiki Galway: Natural health with Reiki and BodyMind Balancing.



Reiki is a powerful but gentle "hands on" healing art. Reiki restores balance and harmony to mind, body and spirit.

Reiki is a natural healing treatment that can benefit everyone. It has been proven to be of great benefit to a broad range of conditions that include Stress, Depression,  Asthma, ME and Back Pain.


"The secret to optimum health lies in the connectedness between the body and the brain. The body mind complex is a series of systems that need clear communication channels between them in order to maintain harmony and health"

BodyMind balancing taps into the innate wisdom of your body and helps to heal at all levels in a safe and non-invasive manner.  The combination of Applied Kinesiology, Hatha Yoga and Chinese Medicine is where ancient knowledge meets modern wisdom.


Call 087 818 9800 or email to arrange your treatment.

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Caitriona Byrne  is a recognised Reiki Master and member of the Reiki Federation of Ireland.

Caitriona has trained in Bio-Energy and is a qualified BodyMind balancing practitioner.

Your treatment takes one hour and will cost €48

Your treatment will take place at the Triskel Centre, 188 Upper Salthill, Galway or at Corrundulla, Galway.