This is where you can find general information, downloads, and links to additional resources on all of my mods.

Each mod has its own page, which contains installation instructions, information on how to use the mod, and download links for all publicly available versions.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: If you remove DragonAPI from your world without first installing an FML patch (here), your modded block IDs will become scrambled and the world will be unusable!  You can remove the patch after you have loaded the world once with it installed.

For those using the 1.6.4 versions, the original online version file was taken down, which causes the game to 404 and take a much longer time to load. To fix this, install this small mod here.

Known Bugs and Issues

These issues are all known and fixes are planned. Please do not report them again.

  • [All]: Data is repeated in some waila block tooltips
  • [ChromatiCraft] Client freezes for a few seconds every ten or so minutes while in the dimension

Contact Me

If you wish to contact me, you have a number of options. I list them here in order of preference:

  1. Make a post on the devoted mod forum thread at http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/1969694-
  2. Send me a PM on the Minecraft Forums. My username is Reika.
  3. Contact me on reddit, where I am ReikaKalseki.
  4. Message me or talk directly on the FTB Teamspeak.