Is Reheating Food Safe ?


So you want to eat that left over Chinese, chicken pie or Indian takeaway. Maybe for breakfast or perhaps for most of us lunch or tea. whatever you do don't throw it away as I'm sure you will agree with me left overs are the best as long as the proper instructions are followed in reheating food.

You have probably asked yourself some of the following questions especially If you have had food poisoning and don't want to get it again.

  • No More Food Poisoning Is it safe?
  •  Is there foods I should avoid to reheat?
  • How long should I put my food in the microwave / cooker for?
  • How many times can I reheat food safely?

The first rule is thinking of the words re-cooking rather than re-heating. You Basically want to cook the meal properly again and heat it through fully.

Below are some simple guidelines in order to happily eat your Chinese, chicken or what ever it may be safely.

More detailed procedures and food safety standards are below also.

Easy to remember basic guidelines

  • If removing from fridge re-cook the item straight away don't leave it out on the side for any period of time even minutes.
  • Make sure you don't touch the food. Wash your hands so they are completely clean. 
  • Try and keep the food fully covered when in fridge to stop any foreign bodies from getting in.
  • The food must be piping hot before eating. Try and use a temperature probe if you have one.
  • for microwave cooking it is best to hit temperature to 165 °F approx 75 °C


Tip: Use cling film to cover food in the microwave, this doesn't only keep your oven clean but also cooks your food evenly. don't forget to Pierce film to allow steam to escape.

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