Dear Sir
I have been a bit hard of hearing for a few years, but I didn't think I was, I thought it was the way people talked.

I had to turn the TV up, always saying 'pardon' 'sorry what did you say' and pretending to understand. My daughter said 'Mum if you don't get your hearing seen to, we're not repeating ourselves any more'
Now I have my hearing aids fitted, which I must stress 'No one can see them' they are easy to put in and take out. What a difference they have made to my everyday way of life. I cannot believe all the beautiful sounds I can hear again so easily.

I never miss a word that's been spoken, the birds singing, leaves russling, background sounds, my grandchildren, each and every word they say. And best thing the TV turned down so it doesn't deafen anyone.

Your hearing aids are so worth the money for what I hear now.
Thank you so much for the aftercare I have received , I thought that was a thing of the past. But no, some people still put that extra care into their customers.
Mrs H M, Mansfield, Notts.

Dear Mr Evans
Thank you for your time and patience.
My hearing aid is fab!
Mrs K F, Worksop

Dear Sir
Thank you for bringing me back to the 'land of the hearing'
Barbara & Arthur