Hearing Aid Technology

Hearing aid technology has advanced considerably

In the past few years today's hearing instruments are now more advanced than ever with amazing features such as automatic sound classification to enable the hearing system to recognise the different sound situations you are in, feedback cancellation to virtually eliminate annoying whistling, digital
wireless connectivity and sophisticated remote control systems to integrate your hearing instruments with other devices and offer you total control.
The manufacturing process has also been completely transformrd by the use of the latest technology laser scanning and a computer aided design and modelling process to ensure that custom made hearing aids are the smallest possible size and are a perfect fit when worn in the ear. We use the latest diagnostic equipment to assess your hearing and ensure that the hearing technology prescribed is the most appropriate for your needs.

Open-fit hearing aids

Many of the latest developments in hearing technology are with the introduction of Open-fit hearing devices where a micro slim-tube or receiver-in-the ear is connected to a tiny casing that houses the
micro-circuit and battery. Some of the many advantages of open-fit devices include; very natural sound quality due to there being virtually no occlusion of the ear canal, hi-fidelity sound reproduction, particularly effective with high-frequency hearing loss and the hearing system can be supplied and fitted in one consultation in most cases so there is a minimum of waiting involved.

Because we are an Independent Dispenser we are not tied to any one Manufacturer and we are able to advise on all the different models and features that are available. There are even power versions of the receiver-in-the ear models that are very effective for people with more severe hearing loss who would previously have been fitted with a traditional behind-the-ear hearing aid, we will be pleased to discuss the most suitable hearing system for you during your hearing consultation. 
Please see below illustrations of the different styles of hearing aids that are available from us, we will advise as to the suitability during your consultation.

Different styles of hearing aids:

Hearing aids are made in all the different styles depending on your personal requirements and taking into consideration the nature and degree of severity of hearing loss, and we will discuss
this with you during your hearing assessment so that you can make an informed choice. The style shown below is of the traditional 'Behind the ear' design:

Then there is the very popular 'In the canal' or half shell style that offers a much more discrete appearance and is often the most preferred style by most people looking to get a private digital hearing aid.

There is a slightly larger style called 'In the Ear' or full shell design that is able to utilise a more powerful receiver for more advanced hearing losses:

The most discrete hearing aids are of the CIC or IIC hearing stles and also the 'Open-fit' devices that can offer the very discrete appearance with many important benefits as well, to enable a very natural and 'open' and transparent sound quality:

The very latest style are known as 'invisible in the canal' style and these are some of the most discreet hearing aids available today. It is really small and a remarkable piece of technology that is becoming some of the most sought after hearing aids available. We can supply the best IIC hearing aids from some of the worlds leading hearing aid laboratories including Phonak Nano, Siemens iMini and Eclipse, Oticon Intiga i and Widex and we will be pleased to assist you with expert help and advice. 
Whatever style is chosen we will always endeveaur to provide the most cosmetically appealing and discrete hearing aid for your needs.

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