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Our Approach

Professional Hearing Care

Consultations are available throughout most areas of South and West Yorkshire, North Nottinghamshire, Derbyshire and North Lincolnshire and appointments are available within our consulting rooms or conveniently in the comfort of your home on request, please enquire about our Premier Hearing Care at Home Service. If you live in other regions of the UK we will be pleased to advise of a local Independent dispenser in your area.
The hearing test and assessment is quite relaxed and informal and you will feel completely at ease as we explain all the various stages of the procedure to you.
Afterwards we will explain the results of your test to you and discuss with you the areas of your life that are causing you the most difficulty with regards to your hearing.
We can then advise on and demonstrate the latest technology hearing aids so that you can experience for yourself the amazing clarity of sound available.
It is often helpful to have a family member or friend with you during your consultation as a familiar voice is very beneficial to appreciate the wonderful improvement that hearing aids can make.

5 good reasons to see us first if you are concerned about your hearing, or thinking about getting hearing aids

1.  We are highly experienced Hearing aid Audiologists and Registered Hearing Aid Dispensers so you can be confident that you are getting the best qualified advice and help with your decision.

2.  We are an Independent family business and take a personal pride in offering the finest aftercare and personal attention to ensure that you are fully satisfied, so that you can be completely happy with our service.

3.  We have available the widest range of the latest digital hearing aids from all the leading Hearing Aid laboratories, including many models that may not be available elsewhere.

4.  We offer a trial period of up to 90 days on all hearing aids supplied by us so that you can be totally confident that you have made the right choice and we also provide ongoing free advice and support whenever required.

5. Being totally Independent we are not tied in to any Manufacturer and we are able to supply some of the best digital hearing aids available at the most competitive prices and also with a price-match promise*

Whatever your needs are for hearing aids help or advice, we are here and ready to help you now!

Causes of hearing loss

There are many different causes of loss of hearing from a simple blockage by earwax or catarrh, to viral or other infections or exposure to loud noises or an inherited condition. However the most common cause is the natural ageing process that happens to all of us when the hearing nerves
gradually loose their sensitivity to sounds. It is usually the the high-pitched tones that are affected first which makes it difficult to hear and understand speech particularly when in the presence of background noise.
In most cases hearing aids can help you to regain your ability to hear well again and the latest technology digital hearing aids can even communicate with each other to give you the nearest yet to natural hearing, but it is important to remember that even the most advanced technology hearing aids still cannot restore your hearing to normal although they can transform your life in many ways..

When you are looking for help and advice with your hearing you deserve the best. We take a personal pride in offering all our clients the very best professional advice and hearing products together with personal care and attention that is so often lacking today. 

*Price match promise available within a 10 mile radius of your home address, excluding internet supply. Ask for details.