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Independent family business offering friendly and professional advice with caring personal attention

As a leading specialist in the field of Hearing Aid Audiology Mr R Evans MSHAA RHAD brings you the latest technology in 'micro' and 'invisible' digital hearing aids along with meticulous care and personal attention to detail which are so often lacking in today's environment, where price cutting often means sacrificing on quality.
"I am a Qualified Hearing Aid Audiologist and Registered Dispenser with over seventeen years of
experience in helping people with hearing aids"

Robert has gained a wealth of experience in all aspects of the problems associated with hearing difficulty during working previously within National Hearing Aid Companies and also working in private practice and he really enjoys helping people to improve the quality of their lives with the latest digital hearing aids and It is Robert's aim to help everyone client with hearing difficulty to experience life to the full with good hearing.
Robert has a keen quest for knowledge and regularly attends Hearing Aid seminars to advance his breadth of understanding of the many aspects of the latest hearing aid technology and hearing loss
and how it impacts on peoples lives. He is always at the forefront of digital technology and how to best help people to enjoy life again without any stigma by the use of the latest cosmetically appealing virtually invisible hearing aids.

"Being fully qualified and authorised to dispense the latest technology Digital hearing instruments, I have available a vast range of the latest digital hearing aids from all the leading Hearing Aid Laboratories from around the world. It is very important to remember when searching the internet that some hearing aids on offer elsewhere may not be from official UK sources which can very often cause problems later on with service and

Robert is a full member of The British Society of Hearing Aid Audiologists and a Registered Hearing Aid Dispenser with The Health and Care Professions Council and also a full member of The British Society of Audiology which will further enable him to advance his knowledge and understanding of hearing aids and hearing impairment.

Latest technology hearing aids

As an Independent Company we have available some of the latest digital hearing aids technology including the very latest IIC 'invisible' hearing aids that have become so small and discreet no one will ever know that you are wearing a hearing aid. There are many solutions to everyone's hearing
needs and we take great care and attention to the smallest details when advising on the most suitable hearing aid for your needs. 

It is very important to remember when considering getting hearing aids that you seek professional advice and by seeing us you can feel confident that you are getting unbiased Independent help and advice, and we will help you to make an informed decision on the most suitable hearing aids for your needs.

We always aim to excel at everything we do to ensure your total satisfaction.

Thank you for visiting our website and we look forward to seeing you soon.
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