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Latest Designer Digital Hearing Aid Technology From Siemens

Siemens Hearing Instruments has recently introduced their brand new Insio and MICON Designer Digital Hearing Systems with the latest digital micro technology on board and is available now from us. When a company like Siemens launch new digital hearing technology then it is well worth waiting for, and the new range including the IIC Excel are superb. 
The extensive SIEMENS range of hearing
system also features models with the latest Bluetooth technology and is designed to give optimum hearing clarity and comfort under a wide variety of situations and the Bluetooth connectivity allows for easy use of mobile phones etc.  
The sound quality of all of SIEMENS hearing aids is second to none and there are hearing system that are also available with the advantage of an optional rechargeable power source for absolute convenience and luxury as they do not require conventional batteries to power them unlike more basic hearing aids of old.
You might be thinking that the SIEMENS HEARING SYSTEMS was beyond your reach but think again, Hear UK are proud to be an Approved Siemens Hearing Partner and we offer the full
range of the latest designer digital hearing aids at very competitive prices (please ring for further details) So don't delay any longer and treat yourself to a new SIEMENS Designer Digital Hearing System today.

Assuring high quality Professional Hearing Care

The Hearing Aid Industry has experienced considerable change over recent times with private hearing aids becoming much more accessible than ever before, both in the high street and on the internet and there is an almost overwhelming choice of makes and models. However probably the most important aspect of
getting a hearing aid is in the Professionalism, skill and dedication of the Hearing Aid Consultant who you consult. R Evans is a qualified Hearing Aid Audiologist and Registered Hearing Aid Dispenser and he is a full member of The British Society Of Hearing Aid Audiologists and we are pleased to announce that he is a member of the BSHAA Assured Hearing Care Customer Care Scheme recently introduced. 
This scheme is designed to give extra reassurance to clients in that the member works to consumer policies of fair trading and agrees to a strict procedure in the event of anyone being dissatisfied with their purchase.
This is an important safeguard for anyone considering the purchase of a private hearing aid in the UK today and offers consumer protection over and above that required by law. When shopping around it is important to check if the Dispenser is a member of The British Society of Hearing Aid Audiologists and if they offer the customer care scheme as there are many dispensers who do not.  

The Best hearing aids at the most competitive prices

We are an Independent Dispenser and as such are not tied to any one manufacturer so this means that unlike many of the other Hearing Aid Retailers, he offers impartial advice and will prescribe the most suitable hearing aid system that meets all your requirements whether you are on a budget or are looking for the latest in state of the art technology. Again it is the skill and judgement of your
Hearing Aid Specialist that you are relying on to achieve the best improvement in your hearing.
Quite often I am asked which is the best hearing aid on the market? The facts are that all the leading manufacturers produce some of the most advanced digital hearing aids technology can produce, but as is often the case there are different hearing aids from different laboratories that offer certain features which may be more suitable for your needs, this is the reason a thorough personal consultation is so important when choosing
your new digital hearing aid system.

You can rest assured that we always strive to offer you the best technology at the most competitive prices so that you can make an informed choice and enjoy life to the full again through good hearing with the latest technology digital hearing aids.

Latest Oticon Hearing Aids Available now...
The amazing new Oticon Alta and Alta Pro are Oticon's best hearing aids yet and this amazing new hearing aid system re-defines the technology sector in open-fit and custom made micro hearing devices, call us now for further details and our local price match promise.