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Welcome to the home of the latest affordable hearing technology digital hearing aids. In a recent official survey in the United Kingdom there were over 9 million people with some degree of hearing loss and surprisingly there are many who have not yet sought help with their hearing.

Some people are put off wearing hearing aids because they often remember how unsightly hearing aids used to be in the past but all that has now changed.

The good news is that there are now "Invisible" hi-tech hearing aids available that are a pleasure to wear and are transforming peoples lives and only you will know that you are wearing them.
We are your local Independent hearing aid specialists supplying the very latest digital hearing aid technology including open-fit hearing aids that are so small and can be virtually invisible when worn.

We have hearing aids to suit everyone's needs including those with mild, moderate and even severe hearing loss at prices that won't shock you.



Buying from us will ensure that you get the very best hearing aids available along with the finest aftercare and still make huge savings compared to regular high street prices. 

 Our Experience Shows!

Just as you look after your eyesight with a regular sight test it is just as important to have your hearing health checked, have you or someone you know experienced hearing problems recently?
We offer a Free hearing test and hearing aid assessment by appointment throughout most regions of South Yorkshire within selected branches of MKO Opticians and North Nottinghamshire within selected branches of Pinders Opticians and Davies Todd Opticians, and Derbyshire within Sumpton Opticians Ilkeston and all consultations are by prior appointment. In addition our Premier Home Visit service is available on request in most areas, subject to availability, please enquire about our nearest consulting room to your location.
When you are looking for help and advice with your hearing you deserve the best. We take a personal pride in offering all our clients the very best advice and hearing aid products together with personal care and attention that is so often lacking today.
We are Independent Hearing Aid Specialists and as such we have available a wide range of the latest technology digital hearing aids from the leading hearing aid manufacturers including Siemens, Oticon, Phonak, Widex, ReSound, and Starkey and we will be only too pleased to advise on the most suitable hearing technology for your needs.
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