About me

I am an assistant professor at the Department of Computer Science & IT, Mirpur University of Science and Technology (MUST). I obtained my PhD degree from the University of Birmingham, UK, under the supervision of Dr  Eike Ritter and Dr Guilin WangMy short profile can be found here and my Google Author Profile is here


Research Interests

  • Security and privacy issues in resource constrained application environments such as wireless sensor networks
  • Cryptographic protocols (digital signatures, key establishments, encryption schemes etc.)
  • Provable security of cryptographic protocols
  • Efficient implementation of cryptographic protocols on resource constrained devices
  • Elliptic curve cryptography
  • Identity based cryptography
A list of my publications can be found here.


I am teaching two modules this term (spring 2014):
  • Computer Networks (undergrads (BS))
  • Network Programming (postgrads (MS))
Some of the previously taught courses are:
  • Introduction to Computer Programming
  • Introduction to Object-Oriented Programming (using C++)
  • Fundamentals of Algorithms
  • Data Structures

Other Activities

  • Reviewer. Various conferences and journals.
  • Member CryptoForma network: Formal Methods and Cryptography.