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Extended Drawing Test (EDT)

The Extended Drawing Test is a computerized graphonomic assessment for arm and hand function. It is designed to be very easy and cheap to use (testing time = 2 minutes). The EDT measures the ability of the subject to draw vertical lines, with both the left and right hands. To measure subject performance in both gross arm movements and fine finger control (holding a pen), the subject draw lines holding both a graphics tablet pen on its own and then holding a mouse-style pen holder.

To date we have acquired age-independent healthy norms for the EDT. Deviations from the healthy norms will reflect different pathologies for different patient groups. At the moment we are focusing on hemiplegic stroke patients.

What You Need

  • A drawing tablet, A4 size or larger, with a wireless pen. Suitable tablets are avaulable from Trust or Wacom.
  • A pen holder. Contact us to purchase one.
  • The drawing test software (includes instructions). Version 0.1.6, Windows XP


Vuillermot, S, Pescatore, A, Holper, L, Kiper, D and Eng, K.
An Extended Drawing Test for the Assessment of Arm and Hand Function with a Performance Invariant for Healthy Subjects
Journal of Neuroscience Methods 177(2): 452-460, 2009. Click here to download literature.


The EDT is provided "as is", without guarantee of suitability for any purpose. Use at your own risk.