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This place is only for some notes,please read it through:

1) regshot is developed at sourceforge by The Regshot Team, can be found at :

V1.9.0 2013-02-02
! Testing purpose only (there may be some bugs left in it due to Unicode and x64 changes)
+ Add 64-Bit builds
+ Add Unicode builds with .hivu files (not compatible with ANSI .hiv files)
+ Structure of hive files enhanced, while keeping backwards compatibility for ANSI builds
+ Skip list checks now also against the single key/value/file name additionally to checking the complete path
+ Add a proper manifest file to enable UAC elevation
+ Symbol files released for all builds
! Add support for various compilers
! Various code cleanups
* New program icon (thanks to the PortableApps guys)
* All Regshot versions can be build via WDK

2) regtickpro is still at version 0.23 , can be found at:

2006/03/31 Add several tricks.
2006/03/19 Show Information of current value,some changes
2006/03/09 Add keys of devmgmt.msc
0.22 2003/08 patch
0.21 [2003/01]
Fix two wrong default values:AutoShareserver,AutoShareWks
Del two dup values in IE.
Show Reg value type in info bar.
This version was packed with upx 1.24 for better upload speed.
[exe size 500 -> 180, zip size 200 -> 160]
[you can unpack it use upx.]

0.2 [2002/12]
Rewrite components.
Add IE Option 2.
New Placement.New Icon.

3) regcmd  0.91c(only source), 0.91b (src+bin) can be found at:‎

0.91c,source can be found at

0.91c 20070222
show remote ip even showpath is off (idea from fly on msgboard)
fix tab auto finish scrambled when wrap.(idea from fly on msgboard)

0.91b 20060504
 Add "group" command to change key's primary group
 Add "cacl" command to change permissions of a key
 Change "own" command syntax
 some user input use Myfgets_old()
 Some inner function name changed

0.91a 20060429
 Add "own keyname username" command to take ownership of a key
 Fix a bug in ACL command(did not show ACL type) in 0.91

4) md5file is stopped, because there are better MD5 tools on the net.

Warning: In 2003-1 to 2003-7,md5file(md5f,md5filegui,md5) version <0.88  got a bug, some of the signatures produced is wrong(non-standard),Although I fixed the bug ASAP and provide new version for 3-4years(during several space providers until googlepages shutdown),but if you happen to have an old version(download from ,etc),please do not use!(Just delete it) .  Although it is a free small one and comes with "bug warning", I am still shamed and very sorry!




0.88d 20070410
  Fix globalfree(lpPassword) when it is not allocated,crash on NT4

0.88c 20051124
  Fix still generate md5 when user cancel the getopenfilename box

0.88b 20051106
  Move commandline activate codes from before showwindow to after updatewindow

0.88a 20030802
  Close a useless handle,clear a function.

0.88  20030725  ---- WARNING ----
  Fix a deadly bug in the self-made core! All md5 signature(12.5% are wrong[non standard]!)
  made by my tools should be re-generate again! I am VERY Sorry for that!

0.87a 20030624
  Show elapsed time.

0.87  20030617
  Port C runtime function to Win32 API,smaller(40K->36K),faster???(Who knows:)
  Interface minor change.

0.86  20030403
  Add button image
  Add CopyToClipboard and Auto copy function
  Add auto start function
  Enlarger a buffer //lpProcess