How To Regrow Hair Fast?

Many people suffer from a degree of hair loss during their lifetime. Whether it’s a problem relating to women pattern baldness or even an extreme case of alopecia, it can be a real burden on one’s confidence and signal wider health problems that need to be dealt with. You can find several treatment options to regrow hair naturally for women and also available on the market – ones that charge you a lot of money by playing on the worries surrounding hair loss.

It's here to stay, for now at least. In the meantime, it's best to understand alopecia and learn about the condition so as not to feel the embarrassment usually associated with balding; it's a normal occurrence. Female pattern hair loss, also known by the term Androgenetic Alopecia, is a genetic condition. Another, not so common fact is Andorgenetic Alopecia is not just restricted to males; females also experience this type of hair loss. In the past, the general consensus was that the genes were inherited from the mother's side. However, new research is finding that it can be passed on from either mother or father.

Natural Hair Treatments For Hair Growth

Research shows that up to two thirds of women experience hair loss at some stage in their life and this can often be a very stressful time for women and is an integral part of their self image. The most common factors of baldness in women is not related to inherited genes but usually associated with other factors such as pregnancy, stress, chemotherapy, certain diets, thyroid hormone deficiency, some drugs or infections. Unlike men the hair loss in this case is usually temporary and healthy re-growth can occur over time.

If you are one of the millions of women who suffer from hair loss the most important factor is to understand the causes of why you are losing your hair before you seek out a remedy or solution.

Causes of hair loss:

1. Genetics: Mostly hair loss is rooted in your genes also known as androgenetic alopecia, hereditary hair loss can begin any time after puberty, but usually sets in before the age of forty and may accelerate around the time you reach menopause.

2. Pregnancy: A large amount of oestrogen is produced during pregnancy causing the hair follicles to go into their growth phase. Once the birth is over the hormonal balance is restored and the opposite happens with the hair follicles going into a hair loss phase.

3. Alopecia areata: The reasons for this are relatively unknown but research has shown that the cause is thought to be an auto immune disorder where the body mistakenly attacks the hair follicles. What follows is an inflammation of the follicles and surrounding hair structures. This causes the hair follicles to retreat into the deeper layers of skin shutting off an important nutrient supply, the follicles starve and the hair starts shedding followed by a dormant period.

4. Age - In addition to genetics, the hair loss condition is associated with hormones and age. As a person ages, the hair follicles become more susceptible to a normal chemical reaction. The reaction occurs when testosterone is exposed to an enzyme called 5-alpha reductase. The resulting product is DHT. DHT is known for its role in male pattern balding and increased growth of ear and nose hairs. In women the levels of 5-alpha reductase are lower, thereby decreasing the amount of hair loss experienced in the head region for women.

5. Stress - In some cases, stress will trigger hair loss. Stress may be mental, emotional or physical - the body senses a need to reserve all of its energy for survival and thus decreases hair growth which is unnecessary to staying alive. In these instances, the hair usually returns once the stress factor has been removed.

6. Disease - In some cases, hair loss can signal the first sign of a major disease. As such, hair loss that does not follow the normal horseshoe shape of female pattern balding should be looked at closely and followed up with a doctor or health care provider. 

Home Remedies To Regrow Hair Naturally

Regular medication

Look for internet search for remedies against hair loss: Indeed, with over 80,000 results, it appears that it is a popular topic on the internet. Inevitably, the most diverse means are offered that often only affect your credit card. The offered shampoos often only contain a certain starch solution that swells the hair. As a result, it seems that you have a fuller hair, but in fact, nothing changes.

You can find certain medicines that control or stop hair loss temporarily. But these are only available on prescription. In most cases, the failure will be stopped, and in some cases hair growth will be restored. These are also "cure" drugs, because the moment you stop, the hair loss will simply continue as before.

Vitamins and minerals

If you have a healthy and varied diet, you do not really need to worry about it. But in case you want to be sure you get enough nutrients that will ensure a healthy hair loss and will prevent hair loss. The main player in this is Vitamin B8, which causes the production of Keratin. Also, this vitamin will be grayed out . In addition, zinc provides strong and healthy hair. For a healthy scalp, vitamin A is very important. In addition, vitamin C, vitamin B complex, vitamin E and zinc play an important role.

Alternative treatment

If you are open to this, you can also take certain plant extracts that would prevent hair loss. The best known in this series is the saw blade palm or Saw Palmetto. But also the American Ginseng Carrot, Jamorandi Leaf, Nettle, Gingko Bilbao and Beta-Sitosterol have a beneficial effect for healthy hair loss, and thus against hair loss.

Regrow Hair For Women By Telvium™

The treatments available for hair loss depend on the underlying cause. If we look at hereditary hair loss as that’s the most common factor, you might want to try products such as Telvium™ regrow hair fast Solution. This product contains 100% natural herbs which are proven ingredient and very effective in treatment all types of hair loss. 

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