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Regnal Media is a productive way to represent your brand in your local community. We are dedicated to getting you a high return on investment on your advertising.


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We help brand every type of business.


Our goal is to provide quality advertising at affordable prices while also guaranteeing a return on investment. We help multiple business industries with advertising in their local communities across the United States and Canada. We’re raising awareness one brand at a time while keeping up with modern day technology.


We help restaurants keep up with trending technology by providing table-top touch screen tablets. In return, we help local businesses gain more traction by displaying their brand across the tablet screen. Learn more here

Who We Are?


Regnal Media is an independent marketing company connecting local businesses all over the country. We work with restaurants all over the United States and Canada, installing touch screen tablets to keep up with modern times of using technology in place of menus. Our touch screen tablets are free for customers to use and provide guest entertainment, a look at the menu, and digital banners of surrounding local businesses. Together we bring local residents, business owners, and restaurants together.


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Our Mission

A second chance is a chance to get it right.


All individuals deserve a second chance and with perseverance and self growth, anything is possible. We don’t stop until we’re where we want to be, and then we push even farther. For us, there is no limit to our personal, professional, and sales skills, we improve everyday; and we aim to do the same for our clients. Our growth comes from within, the motivation in ourselves and our coworkers working alongside us.

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2 Years Experience

our experience is all you need


Our company started in October of 2015. Devin Langer, CEO, began the company in his living room, working long hours to connect local businesses and restaurants in Portland, Oregon. Eventually, his company sparked interest in other restaurants across the country to do the same thing. Recently, we expanded all the way to Toronto, Canada, when we booked 7 West Cafe in January of 2017. As Regnal Media grows, we believe our product is changing the industry and the way local businesses advertise.

Regnal Media | Digital Marketing | Mobile Marketing


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Regnal Media | Digital Marketing | Mobile Marketing

Regnal Media

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