Welcome to my homepage. Here you can find my academic profile, it is not exhaustive and sometimes out-of-date. 

An almost updated profile can be found in my Lattes Curriculum, an oficial academic repository of CNPq (National
 Council for Research and Technological Development).


Since 1993, I investigate the application of Lattices, Topology, Algebra and Non-classical logics to the foundation of Interval Computations. Recently, my research includes the application of Interval Mathematics in some fields of Computer Science: e.g. the extension of Fuzzy logics and the application intervals and Non-classical logics to the field of Image Processing. With the inclusion of Fuzzy Sets in my research I also became interested in Fuzzy Logics and Its Applications, like: Computational Intelligence, Fuzzy Mathematics (Fuzzy Topology, Fuzzy Algebra, etc). If I would list the fields of Computer Science that I like to study I would give you the following list:

  • Fuzzy sets and Fuzzy Logics
  • Mathematical Morphology
  • Interval Mathematics;
  • Logics;
  • Domain Theory;
  • Topology; and
  • Semantics.

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