Cosmetic Product Registration / Notification to HSA (Health Sciences Authority), Singapore

Dear Sir/Madam,

Are you in a cosmetic-related business to be based in Singapore, and has yet to register the cosmetics with Authorities?  

It is mandatory to have the products registered with Health Sciences Authority, Singapore.

We can assist with the registration process, if you require that service.

Before contacting us, the following important information are to be noted:

1) Appointed Importer / Distributor based in Singapore (we do not assist in this matter) or Singapore-based company.  We will need to communicate with the registered Singapore Director, as the Sing-pass would be required to setup the HSA account.

2) To forward us the full Ingredient list of the each cosmetic product to register, it should include the CAS number and the percentages of all ingredients to add to 100%.  We will check each ingredient listed to be accordance with the Cosmetic Directive, limited to up to 10 ingredients in one cosmetic product at SGD250/-. Additional ingredient is at SGD5/- each.  This cost applies to each product (main product or each variant). 

3) The total cost for registration with HSA for one product is SGD400/-.  The registration cost of main product plus 4 variants (if have), is included in the initial cost.  Renewal for each product per year is at SGD100/-.

4) We can assist in the local recognized laboratory tests (separate costs).

We also also specializes in trademark registration on products brands, company names, etc. at our website - 

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