For 58 years, the South Shore Regional Science Fair has been operated by a group of South Shore Science Teachers to provide high school students with a forum in which to develop and present their science research projects.    We have created this website with the hope that centralizing information and forms will answer questions for teachers, students, parents, and administrators, and make participation in the South Shore Regional Science Fair as convenient as possible.

Congratulations, again, to all the participants of the 2017 South Shore Regional Science Fair. Click here for the list of 2017 Fair winners.

The South Shore Regional Science Fair is open to all grade 9-12 students in southeastern Massachusetts, and in Boston's private and parochial schools.  For a complete list of towns in our Region, visit the Massachusetts Science & Engineering Fair (MSSEF) Regional Fairs web page, and click on the link to view the list of towns in each region.

While this site has a lot of information specific to the Region V Science Fair, the best place to start is by reviewing the MSSEF High School Science Fair Manual. This document will give you a great overview about entering the science fair and about important rules and regulations.

Note that there are three forms that must be completed before experimentation begins.  You can find these forms on the MSSEF web site.  They are Form 1, Form 1A and Form 1B. It is especially important to complete a detailed Research Plan, which must be attached to Form 1, before experimentation begins in order to determine if additional forms are also required. 

All students are encouraged to use the SEFOS (Science and Engineering Fair Online System) in order to complete their forms. However, note that even if you use SEFOS, a copy of these forms must be printed out, signed and a copy submitted to Region V by the required deadline dates for pre-approval, and final approval for fair participation. 

Important dates and deadlines for the 2018 Region V Science Fair are now posted.

The Massachusetts Region V High School Science Fair is an affiliate of the Massachusetts Science & Engineering Fair and the International Science and Engineering Fair.