UPDATE! (10/11) We have completed the final report for the Regional Realignment effort.
You can download our final report by clicking the link in the sidebar at the left.

(Warning: It is a 9MB PDF so make sure you have a good internet connection!)

UPDATE! (9/24) Check out the final version of the map! (July 30 version)

Welcome brothers of Alpha Phi Omega!  This site has been created to give you a voice in the effort to reorganize the administrative boundaries of our fraternity.  Take a look around and see what has been done already.  If you have any ideas about how you would do things differently, or if you have any other comments on this process, please fill out and submit the feedback form.


Alpha Phi Omega is currently divided into eleven administrative regions. With the exception of separating out Region XI in 1996, the regional boundaries have remained largely unchanged for at least forty years.  The tremendous growth we have seen over the past decade, along with an ambitious goal for future growth, makes it necessary to reassess how best to serve the needs of our chapters.


At the 2014 National Convention in Chicago, the voting delegates approved a plan to restructure the National Board of Directors.  This was the first major change to the administrative structure of the fraternity in many decades and it was done primarily because of our tremendous growth over the past several years.  However, while the personnel structure was changed, there was no specific plan offered to modify the geographic structure.  Recognizing that this would be a good time to review the fraternity map, the delegates approved a resolution directing the National Board to study the boundaries of the fraternity’s regions and convention districts and develop a plan for realigning those boundaries.

Task Force

In response to this directive, newly-elected National President John Ottenad appointed Region II Director Rich Koval to chair a task force on regional realignment.  The purpose of this group would be to analyze the current administrative divisions of the fraternity and develop a new alignment plan that would better utilize our volunteer base, allow for future expansion, and support our national goal of having 500 active chapters by 2025.  Brothers Howie Barnes, Kent Lee, Jay Little, Andrew Moser, Colin Smalley, and John Strada were soon added to this task force.

Directives and Guidelines

The primary charge given to the task force by President Ottenad is "to review the district, regional, and sectional boundaries and prepare a recommendation for any changes to be brought before the next National Convention in 2016." In addition to the changes, a rationale or detailed explanation of the changes was requested to help the Board and the next Convention understand not only what changes should be made, but why they need to be made.

Several guidelines were agreed upon at the outset of this effort:
  1. State boundaries should be used as much as reasonably possible to simplify dealing with any state laws that may affect the operations of our chapters.
  2. No region should be in multiple convention districts.
  3. The number of active and potential chapters in each region should be comparable, with modest consideration given to geography.
  4. No region should be planned for more than forty chapters (current and future).