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These Schools have registered for the Region IV Science and Engineering Fair. If your school has not registered and would like to, please view our How to Register Page for more information.

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SRC Status

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The students below have sent their projects in for SRC Pre Approval. They are listed by school, and by the initials of the submitting student (1st alphabetically if group) and the last 3 digits of their phone number. If there is an issues with your project, please see noted comments and description of comment codes below.  The SRC meets multiple times a month to review projects, so it may take a few weeks before you see your project listed.
APPROVED:  Your project is approved for experimentation.
RESUBMIT:  You need to submit more information or resubmit forms before you are approved for experimentation.  See the appropriate comment codes below.
NOT-APPROVED:  Your project is NOT approved for experimentation. 
If you have any questions about the designation of your project, please contact

Comment Codes ^Back to SRC
1. Student Checklist Form 1A is missing or incomplete
2. Research Plan is missing or incomplete
3. Form 1 is missing or incomplete
4. Rewrite protocol/research plan
5. Form 1B is missing or incomplete
6. Form 1C is missing or incomplete
7. Form 2 is missing or 9(Qualified Scientist)
8. Form 3 is missing or incomplete (Risk Assessment)
9. Form 4 is missing or incomplete (Human Subjects)
10. Form 5A is missing or incomplete (Vertebrate Animal)
11. Form 5B is missing or incomplete (Vertebrate Animal)
12. Form 6A is missing or incomplete (Potentially Hazardous Biological Agents)
13. Form 6B is missing or incomplete (Human  & Vertebrate Animal Tissue)
14. Form 7 is missing or incomplete 
15. Last year's forms must be submitted
16. Are you working with pathogenic or nonpathogenic bacteria? Show evidence (receipt, etc.)
17. What is the source of your cultures?
18. Must state in protocol methods for disposal of bacteria
19. Where is this being done (lab, school, etc.)? Be specific
20. Who is supervising this experiment/project?
21. Not enough information to make a decision
22. No previous permission granted, needed prior approval
23. Check dates on forms
24. Dates ahead of when you submitted forms for approval
25. Human Studies Project - risk group not allowable - must redesign
26. Example of survey or test is not included with forms
27. Teacher of student is listed as teacher on IRB - Must reconvene IRB with another teacher (other than the teacher of the student) serving on the IRB
28. Use of non-allowable DNA
29. Use of non-allowable RNA
30. No Institutional/Industrial IRB for Human Studies Project
31. No Institutional/Industrial Permission Letter for restricted area of research - see Form 1C and message below
32. Teacher must sign Box 2B on Form 1B (Mentor/Sponsor)
33. Parent must sign Form 1B
34. Second and/or third team member of team must complete an Approval Form 1B
35. Qualified Scientist name needed on Form 4
36. Bibliography does not contain the required number of references
37. No IACUC (Tissues)
38. No IACUC (Animals)
39. Blood products not documented free of HIV & HEPC & AID HEPC - disease free
40. Project not significantly different from last year.
Project Registration Status ^top

Below are all the students who have registered their projects for the Region IV Science Fair. All projects submitted online should be listed below sorted by School. If you believe you have registered and your name is not on this list please contact Chris Angelli at 617-625-6600 x6285, or email

If you have not yet registered, REGISTER ONLINE.

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