Our Guiding Values
  • Be good stewards. We received good schools from past generations, and take seriously our responsibility to invest in the future by handing off good schools to the generations that follow.
  • Be fiscally responsible. Be thoughtful and realistic about cost to the towns, and understand short and long-term results of any investment.
  • Provide ample opportunities for town and resident input.
  • Learn about, respect, and reflect the culture of the different communities.
  • Maintain the best features of current schools; capitalize on their strengths.

Brief Overview
Our communities are recognized for a long history of and deep commitment to quality and effective education for our children. Publicly appointed representatives from all our towns of Amherst, Leverett, Pelham and Shutesbury have come together to advance a 50-year old process of exploration about how to continue this strong tradition of education. The volunteer Regional School District Planning Board is seeking to find home-grown solutions that balance the new pressures of the changing world of education with the preservation of what our towns value dearly.

This website is intended to document this process and to provide helpful information to residents and leaders of our communities.