This is the Region VI TLTC STEM Resources Portal which exists to assist interested teachers in locating various STEM resources for their students as well as to support Region VI TLTC districts in their various STEM initiatives.
The following resource links were all active and free to access at the time of the creation of this site. As we all know, however, Internet sites disappear and appear daily so please report broken links if you find any. Please select from one of the categories on the sidebar to get to those resources.
Note: This portal is a work in progress, so changes and updates will be made as they become necessary. Please let us know other great STEM resources to share here by sending the link, grade level, and a short description of the site(s).

See Michael Gorman's great article on STEM education with some good resources, many probably listed here already.  Part 1…STEM to STEAM to STEAMIE; 17 Great Links To Promote STEM!

If you are a grade 5 through 8 science, technology, or mathematics teacher, you are eligible to participate in a new STEM research study as a Control Teacher. Take an approved PBS TeacherLine course for FREE and complete two surveys, and then receive a $50 stipend! Study begins October 27.

Centers for STEM Education
Igniting and Sustaining STEM Education 
Find relevant informational resources at this eSchool News page. 

Center for Excellence in STEM Education (The College of New Jersey)
General Science and STEM Gateways and Resources


Journal of STEM Education: Innovations and Research
National Science Digital Library: STEM Education Resources
Ohio STEM Learning Network

Find a Path to Improve 21st Century Teaching
Stumped by STEM? Make it easy for your teachers to integrate STEM into what they’re already teaching with 
Web-delivered math, science and technology curricula. Get easy-to-use tools to create and integrate your own best practices to share among your school community and make STEM come alive for your students. Visit Learning.com to see how easy it is to create project-based learning STEM activities or cross-curricular STEM lessons with engaging and easy-to-use solutions.

STEM EducationCoalition The Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) Education Coalition works to support STEM programs for teachers and students at the U. S. Department of Education, the National Science Foundation, and other agencies that offer STEM related programs.

Texas Instruments

Rewarding STEM careers can begin from two-year and four-year degrees. The more science and math courses you take now, the broader your college degree options and career choices. TI and Sloan Career Cornerstone Center have partnered together to offer resources that can help you explore possible STEM careers and planning strategies.


Get Students Fired Up About STEM Careers
Change the Equation (CTEq), a nonprofit organization dedicated to improving science and math education, has launched a contest among some of the world’s most innovative companies to prove how cool jobs in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) can be. The STEM is Cool! contest challenged these companies to produce brief videos featuring an employee or group of employees who use STEM in exciting or unexpected ways. The 18 video submissions present jobs that require STEM as fun, fascinating and capable of changing the world. View the videos on the initiative’s YouTube Channel; then vote for your favorite videos by selecting “Like.” Voting on the videos will end on December 19.

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