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A large portion of the 700 MHz public safety spectrum, approximately 53 percent (12.5 MHz), is designated for use by local, regional and state public safety users. A regional planning process was adopted to govern management of this public safety spectrum. It is a similar process to that used in the 821-824 MHz and 866-869 MHz bands. Regional Planning Committees (RPCs) are allowed maximum flexibility to meet state and local needs, encourage innovative use of the spectrum, and accommodate new and as yet unanticipated developments in technology equipment. Region 14 RPC convened in November of 2001, and is responsible for planning in the Region 14 area of responsibility.


The Region 14 Planning Committee area of responsibility includes the state of Indiana, except the Southern Lake Michigan counties of Lake, Laporte, Jasper, Starke, St. Joseph, Porter, Newton, Pulaski, Marshall and Elkart Counties. Neighboring RPC's include Region 33 (Ohio), Region 13 (Southern Illinois),  Region 21 (Michigan), Region 54 (Southern Lake Michigan), and Region 17 (Kentucky).

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Region 14 700 MHz RPC meetings are open to the public. Public safety entities and vendors are encouraged to attend, however, only public safety entities may vote.                

NEXT MEETING: No upcoming meetings are scheduled at this time. 


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