Our project

Our proje
ct title is Intergenerational aproach to reduce functional illiteracy. It is a Comenius Regio partnership and is financed by the EU.

There are the two communities that are working in this project:

- Kvinnherad from Norway and

- Ormož from
Partners of the Kvinnherad community are:

- Malmanger primary school

- Rosendal lower secondary school

- The voluntary centre, Kvinnherad 

-  The public library in Kvinnherad

- Centre for elderly people in Rosendal


Partners of Ormož local community are:

- Primary school Ormož

- Centre for elderly people Ormož

- Fran Ksaver Meško Ormož library

Topics of the project are:

reducing functional illiteracy

- entrepreneurship

-  preserving cultural heritage

- reducing the intergenerational gap

We will be working on this project for the upcoming two years. Activities during the project and 6 international meetings; 3 in Norway and 3 in Slovenia  are documented in subpages.