Lodging Complaints

Referees are people too!!  Just as any player, coach, or fan is not perfect, neither are referees.  Referees, just like the rest of the participants, are constantly learning and applying their knowledge to the Game and the Laws of the Game.  However, there may be times where situations warrant the lodging of a complaint pertaining to a game, or a game official.
As stated in our organization’s Constitution and By-Laws, “In order to be valid, any complaint concerning a referee or assistant referee must be forwarded in writing to the Secretary of the ASSOCIATION within five (5) days of the incident occurring.” 
Any complaint may registered with the association by
When received, the complaint will be reviewed and sent to our Discipline Committee.  The Discipline Committee has jurisdiction over our members and can impose sanctions against a member should the situation warrant it.  Complaints received beyond the five day time limitation will not be accepted.
Discipline actions levied against our members will not be shared.  This is considered to be private information between the Regina Soccer Referees Association and the individual member.
Please note:  The Regina Soccer Referees Association does not entertain requests by teams to NOT have a specific referee assigned to their games.
Should an individual feel that the Regina Soccer Referees Association is not taking their complaint seriously, any individual may lodge their complaint with the Saskatchewan Soccer Association, who govern referees. 

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