Hello to everyone who is reading this page and thank you for taking the time to consider your safety!

We wish to reinforce a very serious issue. Lightning safety!

The Regina Soccer Referees Association, the Regina Soccer Association and the Canadian Soccer Association all have lightning policies, and we are sure everyone has reviewed the policies. During storm season, we believe it is important to reinforce this message to our members, and to the people we serve.

Lightning kills! You may not get a second chance! Is your life or the life of others worth the risk?

Consider these facts:

     Lightning can strike from 16kms (10 miles) away!

     You can only hear thunder when it is within 16kms (10 miles)!

     Regina is 11kms (7 miles) across from North to South and East to West!!

     The maximum distance across Regina is approximately 17kms (10.5 miles)

Using the flash to bang method in our policy, if you count between seeing the lightning and hearing the thunder the following are the distances lightning is away.

     30 seconds between = 9.6kms (6 miles)

     25 seconds between = 8kms (5 miles)

     20 seconds between = 6.4kms (4 miles)

     15 seconds between = 4.8kms (3 miles)

     10 seconds between = 3.2 kms (2 miles)

      5 seconds between = 1.6kms (1 mile)

So, if you can hear thunder and see the lightning, you are at risk no matter how you state the facts!

Soccer is just a game, it can be re-played, no matter how inconvenient it is. You cannot replay the event of someone being struck by lightning and being seriously injured or killed!

Let's be safe and be sure to follow our policies!! It does not matter how much the coaches and players argue, or how much we want to get the game done for the league, our lives are the #1 consideration!! Be safe!
Thank you!
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