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Custom Work


Zumba with Misti tote bag available thru Misti!

 you can find Misti on facebook
 and thru the google link below

oxford Tote also has bac pac straps on back and water bottle pockets.

$22.00 with Sport logo and ID name embroidered



Full Back Jacket or Racing Suit Lettering 

$25.00 and up !



  Custom Name Patch  $10.00

This patch was used to cover previous name on waist band of racing suit

 Name on racing suit $7.00



Full Back jacket lettering  $25.00 and up .... 



Custom Fan Club Shirts and Jackets






Shuffle Skater Satin Jackets $85.00 + shipping !
all States available !

custom jacket names available

$10.00 and up 


custom jacket names available

$10.00 and up

Shuffle Skater T-shirt $25.00 + shipping !
all States available !
Black T with Black music staff and Silver Metalic (thread) LETTERING
 Shuffle Couple T's Silver Metallic Thread
$25.00 + shipping