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Long time ago my person in rank of chief motorman step on the board of passenger ferry M/S Anna Karenina. Later time new shipowner renamed this ship to M/S Regina Baltica. Some time period was possible worked in rank of fours engineer in both shipowners job time period. Job time period on this ship: 1996 - 2004. 
Crew rank: chief motorman - 4. engineer.

This page talk about one football team created on the board of ship. 
Hope, that reader like it and was interesting read that dramatical real story. 
Author of this words playing and goals led to result in 1999 one Estline ship football team on the football field of Sweden.

In some reason page author create this page, some of them named in team history. In some time period of my life my person put public interests more important level than my personal, I`ll try never make so. 

                                                                        Tallinn - Stockholm                                                                                                                                                          
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