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Part of the Public Program in San Francisco was the film
'Reggie – His Last Year - 1998', Compilation by W. Schreiber, 70 minutes.
Featuring: Kwanzaa 1997, Reggie's last public appearance at a book presentation, Gay Pride Canal Parade in the summer of 98, 'The Wedding' - Legal partnership registration, October 1998, and more glimpses of our life in Amsterdam - filmed by Reggie himself, André Reeder, Wolfgang Schreiber, Gilbert Francourt and others.
You can watch these home videos on YouTube now:
Wolfgang's 40th Birthday Party Amsterdam, December 1997. Party at Reggie's and Wolfgang's home. Time: 6:08
Kwanzaa 1997 Black Gay AIDS activist Reggie Williams (1951-1999) with GLBT Group Strange Fruit: Kwanzaa celebration at Reggie's and Wolfgang's home in Amsterdam, with James Credle, December 1997. Reggie talks about life and death in his welcome words. Filmed by André Reeder. Time: 6:26
 Black Inspiration Amsterdam, January 1998. Reggie Williams' last public appearance. Presentation of the photobook "Black Inspiration" by Jürgen Jansen. The poem is written by Lutz van Dijk. Filmed by W. Schreiber. Time: 2:54
Gran Canaria 1998 Vacation on Gran Canaria Island, February 1998. With Marten Schipper (1954-2003). Filmed by Wolfgang Schreiber. Time: 7:38
Daily Routine Black Gay AIDS activist Reggie Williams (1951-1999), Amsterdam, taking his AIDS medication. Filmed by W. Schreiber. Time: 0:24

Amsterdam Spring 1998. Reggie Williams (1951-1999). Tram ride through the city with Wolfgang's father Rudolf (1926-2002), and his brother Carsten with his girl friend Anne. Canal tour by boat through beautiful Amsterdam. Time: 3:56
Tulips! Holland, Spring 1998. Reggie Williams visiting the 'Keukenhof', a park in the Dutch bulb fields, with Erica Moore and Wolfgang's family. Time: 1:27

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Poetry Reading Amsterdam, 1998. Poetry Reading at Erica's, next door. Reggie reads "Brothers loving brothers" by Lloyd Vega from the anthology "Brother to Brother". Time: 4:05
African Party Amsterdam 1998. At a Dutch-Ghanaian family's party. Time: 2:10
Babies in da house Amsterdam, Spring 1998. May 14th four kittens were born at the Schreiber-Williams residence. Time: 0:47
Amsterdam, Gay Games Canal Parade. Black Gay AIDS activist Reggie Williams on Marten Schipper's boat, with friends from Germany and the US. Time: 4:26

 "The Wedding" Amsterdam, October 1998. Registered partnership between Wolfgang Schreiber and Reggie Williams. Official ceremony at Amsterdam City Hall. Filmed by André Reeder. Time: 6:05
"The Wedding" luncheon Amsterdam, October 1998. Lunch at Café Dantzig after the partner registration ceremony of Reggie Williams and Wolfgang Schreiber. Filmed by André Reeder. Time: 1:18
"The Wedding" Part 3 Amsterdam, October 1998. Reggie Williams and Wolfgang Schreiber celebrating their Registered Partnership at home, with friends. Filmed by André Reeder. Time: 2:05
December 1998 Last video of Reggie, at home in Amsterdam, filmed by Gilbert Francourt (1955-2003). Reggie had broken his hand in November. Time: 0:29