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2010 Cincinnati, OH


presents during

Black History Month 2010


The Reggie Williams Exhibit


Life and Legacy of AIDS Activist Reggie Williams


Cincinnati – Los Angeles – San Francisco – Amsterdam
A Multimedia Exhibit Project fiscally sponsored by

the Black AIDS Institute, Los Angeles,

Curator Wolfgang Schreiber, Amsterdam, Netherlands


February 7th – March 7th, 2010

Admission free

STOP AIDS • 220 Findlay Street, Cincinnati, Ohio 45202



Sunday, February 7 Black AIDS Awareness Day

Opening Ceremony – 4pm-7pm.

Watch on Channel 5 news >
 Exhibit Opens To Honor Local, National AIDS Activist

> Read the article "Homecoming of Reggie Williams" (PDF, 3 pages) in STREETVIBES 

Photographs of the exhibit by Mark Hayden

> Photos of the exhibit by different photographers

> Slideshow Details and Objects of the exhibit

The closing ceremony was on Sunday March 7, 2010. Please read what Ashley Miller, "Miss Black Ohio USA 2010" writes in her blog!

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The Reggie Exhibit Video


Film Program - Marlon Riggs Retrospective

Admission free

Every Wednesday 6pm – Film & Discussion

February 10th - Tongues Untied

February 17thAffirmationsAnthemNo Regret

February 24th - Black Is…Black Ain’t

March 3rd - I Shall Not Be Removed: The Life of Marlon Riggs

These films and a few other ones are still available at the Video Library at Stop AIDS Cincinnati. Please contact David E. White DWhite (at)


Women’s Program 

Monday, February 22nd from 6pm to 7.30pm –

HIV & Women - Film Seen, But Not Heard, Discussion, Education. Admission free.


Sunday, March 7, 2010, 4pm-6pm

Closing Ceremony Reggie Williams Exhibit

Start of the National Week of Prayer for the Healing of AIDS

Keynote speaker: Phill Wilson, Black AIDS Institute

Please read what Ashley Miller, "Miss Black Ohio USA 2010" writes in her blog!

At the bottom of this page
- You can download the program as a WORD document
- Read and/or download as a PDF the articles Reggie Williams wrote for the "Yours In The Struggle Project" on "Tongues Untied", "No Regret", "Black Is... Black Ain't" and Marlon Riggs! 


Opening of the Reggie Exhibit in Cincinnati

Article in Streetvibes PDF

The Reggie Williams Exhibit Project 

in Reggie's hometown Cincinnati was supported by

Tax deductible donations to The Black AIDS Institute, the fiscal agent of the exhibit project, could be made through This fundraising page is no longer accepting donations.
If you'd like to support the project please contact Wolfgang Schreiber

The Cincinnati Exhibit has been made possible by kind donations and help from friends:

Connie & Willie Holsey, Cincinnati, OH
Bas Dorlandt, Amsterdam, NL
Ronald Weier, Amsterdam, NL
Stephen Matchett, San Francisco, CA
Roland Wilkins, Tampa, FL
Storme Webber, Seattle, WA
Nico Krüger, Bremen
Shangie Rochat, Amsterdam, NL
James Ivory, San Francisco, CA
Beldan Sezen, Amsterdam, NL
Steve Lew, San Francisco, CA
Olumide Popoola, London, UK
Evana Gerstman, Sammamish, WA
Marischka Klinkhamer, Amsterdam, NL
Julie Potratz, Sammamish, WA
David Lakein, Chicago, IL
Detlev Hauschildt, Amsterdam, NL
Carolin Dartsch, Berlin
Wanya Kruyer, Amsterdam
Susan van Hoorn, Amsterdam
Isabel Imhof, Munich
H Alexander Satorie-Robinson, Baltimore, MD
Henriëtte Kuypers-Touré, Amsterdam
Anna Trap, Amsterdam
Luk Nys, Antwerp, Belgium
David Housel, New York City, NY
James Calvin Fonduex, Stockton, CA
Anthony Glover, New York City, NY
Les Everett, Chicago, IL
A. Cornelius Baker, Washington DC
Patricia Smiley, Paris
Polly Perkins, Amsterdam
Monika Chakravorti, Bremen
Thank you all so much!!!

Would you like to support the exhibit project, too? Any little donation is appreciated!

Tax deductible donations to The Black AIDS Institute can still be made for the Cause "The Reggie Williams Exhibit - Cincinnati 2010".

 Many thanks to

- A Catered Affair, Cincinnati

- Cyrill Phipps, Urban Media Warrior, New York

- The Black AIDS Institute, Los Angeles, fiscal sponsor of the exhibit project, and its CEO Phill Wilson.

- Mamie Harris, founder and CEO of IV-CHARIS and Liz Presley Fields, EPIP - thank you for your moral support!

Thanks to all the volunteers of STOP AIDS Cincinnati, CEO Amy McMahon and especially Community Investment Coordinator David E. White! Without him this exhibit in Cincinnati would not have been possible!

Wolfgang Schreiber

Information on HIV/AIDS facts in Ohio:
HIV/AIDS organizations in Cincinnati:
IV-CHARIS [4 Ku-ree-s]:Compassionate Hearts Assisting, Rebuilding, Instructing and Serving is the only faith-based HIV/AIDS organization in Cincinnati, OH.
provides safe, affordable housing and supportive services for individuals and families living with HIV/AIDS.
1821 Summit Road, Suite 001
Cincinnati, Ohio 45237
EPIP - The Early Prevention and Intervention Project
7162 Reading Road, Suite 710, Cincinnati, OH 45237
Phone: (513) 961-9930

STOP AIDS • 220 Findlay Street, Cincinnati, Ohio 45202

Greater Cincinnati HIV/AIDS Information Center (GCAC)
A Resource and Information Link for those:
• who are in need of HIV/AIDS and related services;
• those who are providers of HIV/AIDS services;
• other health providers that need information and a guide to HIV/AIDS services; and,
• those who have an interest or need for more information related to HIV/AIDS issues.

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