The Exhibit

hosted by

STOP AIDS Cincinnati

in February 2010

- Black History Month -

February 7 - March 7, 2010

220 Findlay St   Cincinnati, OH 45202
513-421-2437   1-866-789-2437

This exhibition is dedicated to the legacy of Reggie Williams, a black gay man who walked tall, spoke softly and moved mountains of people with his honesty and integrity.

The exhibit features Reggie's life with photographs (by different photographers), music, art (by different artists), documentary videos and personal items.

It is an educational, historical and entertaining exhibit, not only interesting for those who knew Reggie, but especially interesting for younger generations.

A PowerPoint slideshow presents the timeline from the 1950s through the 1990s, while the interactive website allows visitors to learn more about those years, Reggie’s activism, the National Task Force on AIDS Prevention and HIV/AIDS. 

Opening was on February 7th - National Black HIV/AIDS Awareness Day!

Please watch on local news > Exhibit Opens To Honor Local, National AIDS Activist

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Photographs of the exhibit 

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December 1, 2002 - March 15, 2003 

"The Life and Times of Reggie Williams" Multimedia event at the
Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transsexual Community CenterSan Francisco, California, in collaboration with the GLBT Historical Society of Northern California.
The opening took place on World AIDS Day 2002.

April 29th - July 14th 2001
A Multimedia Exhibition at the Black AIDS Institute (Then: African American AIDS Policy and Training Institute) Indaba Center, Los Angeles, CA.
The opening took place on April 29th, the day Reggie would have turned 50. 

The Black AIDS Institute is the Fiscal Agent for the Reggie Williams Exhibit Project.

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the Reggie Williams Exhibit Project

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The Reggie Williams Exhibit
is still available for a display around
World AIDS Day, AIDS Memorial Day, Black History Month!
Are you interested? Please contact us by e-mail!
Mission Statement
“Our mission is to share the legacy of Reggie Williams as a role model in the struggle against the AIDS epidemic, to create more understanding for the life of people with HIV/AIDS and to inspire, empower and motivate people in the ongoing fight against AIDS.”
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