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Wolfgang Schreiber

"This exhibition is my homage to Reggie, the beautiful man I met in July 1992 at Strange Fruit's Cultural Event during the VIII International Conference on AIDS in Amsterdam.

I got involved in AIDS work after I had lost my lover Abdelnacer to AIDS in February 1991. When Reggie and I met in July 1992 I had just returned from San Francisco, where I had attended my sister Sigrid’s funeral after her untimely death related to asthma. Sigrid had lived most of her life in the Bay area, my first visit to San Francisco had been in 1976 already and therefore meeting somebody from the City felt very familiar.

In 1993 I lived most of the year with Reggie in San Francisco, but when he retired from his position as Executive director of NTFAP in 1994 we decided to live together in Amsterdam. The Netherlands offered him the opportunity of legal immigration as my life partner.

Years ago Reggie had already been talking about his 50th birthday party in the year 2001. I couldn’t let this date go by unobserved and decided to honor Reggie with a tribute on April 29, 2001, the day he would have been 50. It felt like picking up the torch, sharing his legacy with the world.  

It would have been an impossible task without Julie Potratz’ assistance and Phill Wilson’s support. I am very happy that the exhibit will be in San Francisco now, since this is the city where Reggie got involved in AIDS activism, where he worked for the National Task Force on AIDS Prevention and where he is still remembered by many.

In 2001 Paul Gabriel of the GLBT Historical Society of Northern California invited me to bring the exhibit to San Francisco, and Program Director Anne Tamar-Mattis and Facilities manager Linda Schanfein of the Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transsexual Community Center have been key in helping to make it happen at that site. William Bland, Director of Community HIV Health Promotion, San Francisco AIDS Foundation, and ‘Black Brother Esteem’, a project of the San Francisco AIDS Foundation, are joining us as partners for the public program.
I’d like to thank Steve Lew, who had already worked with Reggie in the ‘Gay Men of Color Consortium’ in the late 80’s, for his immense help in getting the exhibit together”
Wolfgang Schreiber (2002)
Wolfgang (b. 1957) has been living in Amsterdam since the early 1980s. He is currently working as a teacher consultant, language trainer and website editor.  

October 1998 Partnership Registration,
Photo by J. Potratz