powerpoint game

It's powerpointrific!

 Le current download: maze.ppt 

 Essentially, you have to navigate through these little animated "mazes" I made in powerpoint. Feedback/suggestions to me or reggie dot veggie at gmail dot com, if you will.  Note that it is rough around the edges, and there's a couple of glitches. You might have trouble running it smoothly if your computer is kinda meh. There's 9 levels and one boss, a level select, and a slide that I cut due to extreme lag to the maxxx. (A pity, it was a good idea, too.) Have fun. -Gime

 Note: There's no way for me to make one restart the maze you lost on. After each ten levels there is a level select. Just start the slide show there if you lost and got sent back to the first slide. (Sorry, but there's no way to just send your mouse pointer back to the begining of the maze. My condolences.)

 Update 1: I've generally polished it a bit more, added more content to level 6, and added a challenge level: Survivor. My best work yet, though it does need some polish. Took me about an hour and a half. Hope you like it.   

 More stuff when I get around to it! 

Another screenshot 

 maze.ppt - working version, unfinished slides

It's... a maze. Action. Game. Thing. Just download it.