Bottleneck Blues & Handsaw Hokum

Reggie Miles and his Nobro at 2017 Solarfest

- An award winning Folk/Blues songwriter, recording and performance artist 

- His 2008 Recession song, "Wall Street Bailout Blues", gains worldwide press attention via
a cover-story in 
The Wall Street Journal
- His music can be heard in a half dozen documentary films 
- In regional TV commercials, like the 2008 Prop 1 $73 million dollar Pike Place Market Levy
- His bottleneck slide guitar and musical saw are prominently featured in two of the five campaign themes
in the soundtrack of the multi-million dollar video game "Left 4 Dead 2" 
- His talents are included in the recordings of more than a dozen other Northwest artists 
-  As well as 30 self-produced recording projects since 1995

- A found object / junk artist, who turns repurposed recycled trash into musical treasures 
"Nobro" resophonic guitars (National + Dobro = Nobro)...

(Click on image to view it in a larger format) 

... and Gadgets, washboard percussion/sound-effects toys for children

- Mixing the anti-convention aesthetic of the Dada movement, of redefining common items as art, 
with that of the Folk and Jug Band musical artistry of the early 1900s and their DIY philosophy, 
of making and playing their own musical instruments, crafted from common or discarded items. 

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- He also happens to be a virtuoso in the Musical Folk Art of bowing melodies with a hand saw 
"One of the best in the world"

Reggie Miles @ 2012 Port Townsend Steam Punk Fest Photo by Charles Bermant