Challenge West/BC Championships

July 10th-12th, 2015 
Elk Lake, Victoria

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VCRC’s goal is to run an athlete-centred regatta that provides Junior, Senior and Masters athletes with good racing opportunities in a friendly, relaxed atmosphere. The Regatta Committee and Umpires work together to ensure that decisions are made on the basis of fairness and safety, asking always:
“What is in the best interest of athletes?”.

July 10, 11 & 12, 2015  at Elk Lake,Victoria

Registration Fee: $70/ athlete (includes 5% GST) for unlimited events

Important Dates:
June 1      Registration Opens  
June 29    Entry Deadline at Noon PDT (New)
July 3       Preliminary Regatta Schedule posted
July 6        Scratch fees ($20/boat, includes GST) apply
July 7        Deadline for late entries at midnight 
July 8        Update Regatta Schedule posted
July 9         Updated draw posted 

Event Schedule: 
Friday:       Friday Heats,  Saturday heats, Friday Finals, Saturday Semi-Finals.
Saturday:   Time Trials, Sunday Heats, TT Finals (C, B, A Finals in each event, followed by E-H), Saturday Finals,
unday Semi-Finals
Sunday:     Time Trials, Sunday Finals, TT Finals (C, B, A Finals in each event, followed by E-H)

Contact:     Please direct all inquiries to
New Information posted June 22 2015.   

First Draws  (PDF) for events Friday through Sunday have been posted at Regatta Central and available at the bottom of page.



This year we'll be selling a limited number of Regatta Technical T-shirts, starting Friday. 

The cost of T-shirt $20.00  (GST included)


NEW for 2015     DA$H for CA$H

Sign up at the Registration Desk starting Friday. Don't miss out - it's going to be a lot of fun!

Mixed 8+, lineups must include at least 4 rowers who are Masters or Juniors and 4 Women (not including coxswains)
500m, straight final
Limit: 7 boats.
When: Saturday, last race (after the W 8+)
Entry fee: $10 (cash only) per person, payable at the Registration Desk during the regatta (Friday -Sunday).  Note:  Please bring full payment with entry - no exceptions
The entry fees will go into a pot, with the winner getting half the pot:  (7 entries x 9 people/boat x$10/person= $630...half of that = $315 to the winning 8+. That buys a lot of ice cream!)

(Special recognition to any boat with more than 4 active coaches in it - counting coxswains!)

Masters Men are encouraged to enter the Open/LTA 4+ (event 2) on Friday.
This event is being run over 1000m to give the RCA Para 4+ a race before they head to the World Championships.
UVIC will be entering a Mixed Srs 4+, but we recommend that interested Masters enter 4 men.

Open 8+:  If we get more than 3 Masters entries for the Open 8+ we will run a separate Masters 8+ over 1000m.
Composite entries are welcome!


Important Information

Progression System
Three (3) or more entries are required to run an event and award medals.  Events with fewer than 3 entries may be combined. Where Masters events have to be combined (i.e. when there are fewer than 3 entries per age category), handicaps will be applied.

(1) Time Trials
Time trials will be used to seed all JR A, SR B, SR A 1Xs and 2-'s, and SR B, SR A 2X's, including LM and LW,  into 6 boat finals (e.g., 1-6 to Final A, 7-12 to Final B etc).  The regatta committee reserves the right to cap the number of finals. Time trials will be run on the morning of the scheduled final.  If you are not able to stay for the event finals, you can race exhibition and your time will be recorded, however you will not be seeded into a final.  If you scratch or do not show up for your final you will be assessed a $60 scratch fee.  This respects fellow athletes:  "No shows" affect the quality of the finals and take up a spot that could have been used by another athlete.  The scratch fee also reflects the effort involved in running time trials and organizing the 6 boat finals. 

The intent of the time trial progression system is to create high quality, meaningful races for all competitors, based on boat speed, rather than age, as recommended by RCA Competition Review and Long Term Athlete Development Plan. 

The first 8 spots in each time trial event will be seeded. Please enter a seeding time in the space provided on the entry form.

Athletes may not enter more than one time trial event on each day.

Medals will be awarded for the winner of each event (e.g., JR A M 1X, SR B M 1X, SR A M 1X) as well as for the overall winner in each boat class (1X, 2X, 2-).

Instructions on how time trials will be run will be posted on Regatta Central.

(2) Heats

For all other events, heats will be used to seed boats into an A Final only. Semi-finals may be added if the number of entries warrants it.

Race Schedule
Preliminary Schedule:   
Friday   10:00 a.m. – 7:00 p.m. 
Saturday  6:30 a.m. – 7:00 p.m.  
Sunday  6:30 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.  

Flow of Events:
Friday:  Friday Heats, Saturday heats, Friday Finals, Saturday Semi-Finals. 
Saturday: Time Trials, Sunday Heats, TT Finals (C,B,A Finals in each event, followed by E-H), Saturday Finals, Sunday Semi-Finals
Sunday:  Time Trials, Sunday Finals, TT Finals (C,B,A Finals in each event, followed by E-H)
The final race schedule will depend on the number of entries in each event. The Preliminary Draw will be posted July 3rd.


Training Times on the course
The course will be open for practice 9 am Friday and will close one hour before the first scheduled race. Coaches are asked to provide Safety Boat coverage (please see the Safety Co-ordinator or VCRC Club Manager, Brenda Taylor).  The race course will be open for practice for 1 hour following the last scheduled race on Friday and Saturday. The race course will not be open for training on Saturday or Sunday morning.


Coaches and Coxswains Meeting  
Meetings will occur one hour before first scheduled race/time trial on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, in front of the boathouse. 

Weigh Ins
Scales will be open 90 minutes before the first scheduled race/ time trial on each day and will close 30 minutes prior to the start of the first scheduled race/time trial each day.  All participants racing in lightweight events must weigh-in on the day of their event.  Coxswains are not required to weigh in.

Race Course and Distances

The course will be set up as 6 lanes with 4 lines of buoys (i.e., 2 boats will race between each line of buoys). The finish line will be in the same place for all events.   PLEASE consult the course and traffic flow maps (posted on Regatta Central and the VCRC Regattas website and at the boathouse) before launching.   Crews deviating from the designated flow pattern may be eliminated.

Race distances
Junior & Senior: 1850m,  Masters: 1000m,  Adaptive: 1000m,  Family: 500m,  Time Trials: 1750m,  Open 8+: 1850m

Rules of Racing

Except where already noted, RCA Rules of Racing will be applied during this regatta. 

RCA Rules of Racing or


All rowing boats going on the water must follow all safety rules including being equipped with a secure bow ball and heel restraints (ties no more than 7.0 cm) or quick release mechanisms. All boats will be inspected prior to launching.


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The revised Regatta Package for the 2015 Challenge West/BC Championships is attached below. 
Registration opens June 1, 2015.  Please click here to go to Regatta Central

See you in July!

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