National Volunteer Award
Individual-Adult Category
Awarded by the Philippine
National Volunteer Service
Coordinating Agency
and National Volunteer
Steering Committee

“We are given two hands, one to help yourself, and the other hand to help others”, a motto adopted and personified by VPA Romeo M. De Asis in his quest to live a life of sharing and helping through volunteering. It is always his desire to share whatever he has to others especially to the less – privileged and the marginalized.

Bearing in mind his social responsibilities, VPA De Asis has consistently engaged in voluntary work that utilized and maximized his talents and skills without expecting anything in return for twenty years now. One of his significant volunteering contributions is the conduct of continuing training on various technical skills such as in house wiring and household appliance repair to the parolees and probationers. The training program helps his beneficiaries reintegrate back to society as useful and productive citizens. Alongside the technical skills training, VPA De Asis also include values education to help the parolees and probationers embrace and live life meaningfully.

VPA De Asis has also been sharing his technical skills and resources to the Out-of-School Youths for the past 10 years. During Saturdays, in collaboration with the local government and the private sector in Cagayan de Oro City, he teaches out-of-school youths technical skills in automotive, electrical and culinary arts, thus keeping the youths out of the streets and from committing petty crimes and give them the opportunity to earn a decent living. Indeed, education is a vaccine for violence. He is also a Technical Education and Skills Development Assistance (TESDA) volunteer for the past 20 years, sharing his skills on culinary arts, electrical wiring and household appliance repair.

With all his volunteer services, he still considers himself in awe because of the opportunity to share what he has with others.

Congratulations from PPA-Region 10!!!

VPAs of Region X Hold its 1st Regional Assembly (January 29-30, 2010)

The Regional Volunteer Probation Aides (VPAs) Association of Region X, after several obstacles in the preparation for the holding of the 1st Regional VPA Assembly, finally made it.

There were 156 Volunteer Probation Aides coming from the 16 field offices of the region who participated in their first Regional VPA Assembly of Region X held at the Conference Hall, Capitol University, Cagayan de Oro City with the theme, “Unity and Oneness in the Spirit of Volunteerism.”

The 1st Regional VPA Assembly of Region X was graced by the Honorable Administrator Ismael J. Herradura. In his message to the volunteers, he emphasized the importance of the Volunteer Probation Aides (VPAs) in the context of the probation and parole system. He talked about “Partnering with the Community” Among the guest present were the Regional Director Ma. Luisa J. Ofina of NAPOLCOM, Cagayan de Oro City Councilor Atty. Ramon Tabor, and a representative from the PNP.

After the opening ceremony, followed the meeting of the VPA Association Presidents or Representatives of the 16 field offices. The agenda were election of new set of officers of the Regional VPA Association and formulation of by-laws. The body, however, agreed to postpone the election until the Constitution and By-laws of the Association will have been formulated. A committee was formed consisted of 6 members, the task of which is to draft the Constitution and By-laws for the approval of the body.

During the Enhancement Seminar in the afternoon, there were three resource persons. The first speaker, Administrator Ismael J. Herradura talked on Partnership with the Community in the Treatment of Probationers, Parolees and Pardonees. The second topic, The Juvenile in Conflict with the Law, was presented by Victorio Aleria, Jr. of the Commission on Human Rights. Several volunteers gave some of their insights relating to the subject. Finally, Professor Gerry G. Cano, Dean of the College of Criminology of Cagayan de Oro College (COC-PHINMA) discussed on the topic Present System of Non-Institutional Correction in the Philippines which is Probation, Parole and Executive Clemency.

The socials in the evening was highlighted by Cluster Presentations and Special Numbers from the Field Offices, Raffle Draw and the Awarding of the Most Outstanding Volunteer Probation Aides (VPAs) and the Most Outstanding VPA Association. Former Regional Director of R-10, RD Lina B. Espere, graced the occasion with her inspiring message.

(CPPO Dennah E. Vivares)

Capability Building For Volunteer Probation Aides (September 11-12, 2009)

In line with the agency’s thrusts to promote the Volunteer Probation Aide (VPA) Program, a Basic VPA Seminar was conducted last September 11-12, 2008 and Cagayan Riverview Inn, Carmen, Cagayan de Oro City. The seminar ushered to equip the VPAs with the basic knowledge on the parole and probation system and likewise defined their roles and functions as volunteers.

A total of ninety one (91) VPAs from the different field offices of Region 10 completed the said seminar, and went home with a smile on their faces as they felt motivated and challenged with their new tasks at hand.

Boom!!! Bravo!!! And Congratulations!!!

Misamis Occidental PPO - VPA BASIC TRAINING at RHOVIC'S PLACE, Oroquieta City
(July 14-15, 2009)
Iligan City PPO#2 VPA BASIC TRAINING at MASS-SPECC Hostel, Cagayan de Oro City
(June 18-19, 2009)
(April 28-May 30, 2009)

A regional Field Training Laboratory for PPA- Region X was created and launched in Malaybalay City after the participants from the Bukidnon Cluster successfully hurdled the three day RFTL-Team Building training at Haus Malibu, Malaybalay City on April 28-30, 2009. the facilitators composed of the National Field Training Laboratory team headed by ARD/SA Rudy Pascua, PPO II/VPA Consultant Edgar Leyson and Mr. Pete Teodoro of the PPA-DOJ, Central Office.

The participants of the training were CPPO Jane Tomada, PPO II Daisy Palermo, PPO II Malou Martinez, AA IV Merle Tabamo of Malaybalay City PPO; SPPO/OIC Josephine Villanueva and PPO I Jill Rasuman of Valencia City PPO. PPO II/OIC Bella Tigulo and PPO II Sherlinda Mesiona of Bukidnon PPO No. 1, Manolo Fortich, Bukidnon; SPPO/OIC Evelyn Gille and PPO II Vivencio Mananquil Jr. of Bukidnon PPO No. 2, Don Carlos, Bukidnon and PPO II/Assistant Regional VPA Coordinator Grace Y. Parrel of Cagayan de Oro City PPO No. 2.

The Administrative sent of the Regional FTL is at Malaybalay City Parole and Probation Office. The RFTL is composed of Groups:Community Resource Development(CRD), Volunteer Resource Development (VRD), Information, Education and Communication (IEC) and Restorative Justice (RJ).

The training aims primarily on the successful implementation of the three programs of the PPA-DOJ namely, Volunteerism, Restorative Justice, and the Therapeutic Community thru the Regional Field Training Laboratory.

Hon. Lina B. Espere, Regional Director PPA-DOJ- 10, attended the training sessions and joined the team in an information drive conducted at Barangay Violeta, Malaybalay City on June 30, 2009. Before proceeding to Barangay Voileta, the team had the opportunity to huddle with Hon. Florencio Flores, City Mayor of Malaybalay City. Mayor Flores welcomed the group and assured them of his administration’s unwavering support and commitment on the programs of the PPA-DOJ towards the rehabilitation of offenders.

by : PPO II Vivencio Mananquil

VPA BASIC TRAINING at MASS-SPECC Hostel, Cagayan de Oro City (February 23-24, 2009)

A Challenge for Volunteers!

Cagayan de Oro PPO Nos. 1 & 2, Bukidnon PPO No. 2 and Misamis Oriental PPO held a     2–day VPA Basic Training on February 23 – 24, 2009 at MASS – SPECC Hostel, this city. It was attended by thirty (32) volunteers. Resource Persons on the first day were CPPO Danilo Jomilla of Misamis Occidental PPO, yours truly, PPO II/OIC Gina Gania and PPO II/OIC Bella Tigulo. On the second day, the speakers were Psychologist Olivette Therezah Pelagio, ARD Charito Zamora and RD Lina Espere. The guest of honor during the closing ceremony was City Councilor Ian Mark Q. Nacaya who graced the occasion with his appreciation of the volunteers’ involvement in the rehabilitation of offenders in particular and in crime prevention, in general.
by:SPPO Dennah E. Vivares

 Planning Workshop for VPA Field Office Coordinators at MASS-SPECC Hostel, Cagayan de Oro City (January 20-21, 2009)

Region 10 VPA Unit Coordinators met on January 20-21, 2009 for Planning Workshop on the VPA agenda. 15 field officers came, only Oroquieta City PPO was not represented. Topics discussed were Regional Accomplishment Report, National Status Updates, Workshop on Reports Preparation, Action Planning and Baseline Study .

by:SPPO Dennah E. Vivares

VPA Activities for Cagayan de Oro City PPO #1

On October 4 (Saturday) 2008 fifteen (15) VPAs of Cagayan de Oro City Parole and Probation Office No. 1 together with PPO II/OIC Gania had their Educational Tour at Cocoon Foundation Rehabilitation Center, Inc., Camaman-an, Cagayan de Oro City purposely to observe the conduct of its Therapeutic Community specifically the Morning Meeting. The idea of the tour came up after nine (9) VPAs have successfully completed Basic TC Training held last September 22 to 26, 2008 at Coconut Bay, Tablon, Cagayan de Oro City while six (6) VPAs who have not attended the training joined the tour as they wanted to have a brief orientation on TC and the Morning Meeting.

On October 26 (Sunday) 2008, five (5) VPAs of this office together with PPO II/OIC Gania conducted jail visit/decongestion at Lumbia Rehabilitation and Detention Center, Lumbia, Cagayan de Oro City wherein the VPAs conducted intake-interview to nine (9) inmates for pre-parole. The activity was carried out in celebration of the National Correctional Consciosness Week.

On October 25 (Saturday) 2008, the VPAs had their regular monthly meeting wherein they outlined the plans in preparation for the raffle draw of tickets on November 22, 2008 at COC Quadrangle, Cagayan de Oro City. The selling of raffle tickets was a fund raising project of the Association of VPAs of Cagayan de Oro PPO No. 1, the proceeds of which will be used to finance the different livelihood projects of the clients starting January 2009.

The members of the Association of VPAs of Cagayan de Oro PPO No. 1 are very active in supporting and helping the office especially in the conduct of rehabilitation activities, as a matter of fact, VPAs took turns as project coordinators during the monthly rehabilitation activities. For this month, VPA Paz D. Acebu, M.A. acted as facilitator for the topic - Rights of Every Chilef (In celebration of Children's months) while VPA Yolita T. Canedo, Ph.D. gave lecture on enterprenuership "how to start a business" during the monthly meeting of clients held on October 9, 2008 at the Office of the Senior Citizens Affairs, Barangay 40, Cagayan de Oro City.

Also on-going is the functional literacy of our clients with 4 VPAs as literacy Instructors.

(PPO II Gina B. Gania)
24 VPA-Off to Davao City for an Educational Tour

Malaybalay City - On May 28-29, 2008, twenty-four Volunteer Probation Aides (VPAs) of Malaybalay City Parole and Probation Office went on an educational tour to Davao City together with CPPO Jane R. Tomada. The activity was one of the sustaining educational activities initiated by Malaybalay City PPO for their volunteers.

The group's first destination was Davao Penal Farm Colony (DAPECOL) in Panabo City. They brought along with them boxes of goods, grocery items and medicines for the inmates. A number of inmates from Bukidnon were interviewed and visited. On the second day, the group proceeded to Luntian Paraiso Regional Rehabilitation Center in Tagum City. While there, the VPAs were able to observe how the "Morning Meeting" was actually done by residents, and afterwards they were toured inside the rehabilitation facility.

The experiences they encountered with the inmates in DAPECOL and recovering addicts in Luntian Paraiso Rehabilitation Center, though tiring and hectic, was worth the effort, aside from the camaraderie and cohesiveness established among the VPAs from that educational trip.