Retoño Apologies  
10.01 Mass Extinction  The easy access to abundant oil has allowed for over population of the earth and accordingly an unsustainable rate of consumption of the natural resources of the earth and an unsustainable rise of CO2 levels.  Recent advances in paleontology show that high levels of CO2 in the past is part of a chain of events of the last ten mass extinctions. 

08.05 Social Disruption The global warming, climate change or climate disruption is already creating social disruptions that are taking its deadly count of many people. A recent paper reporting that a study has established the relations between political upheaval, civil wars, level of violence and climate disruption. 

08.05 Resource Conflicts The oil production has peaked and the amount of global oil reserves and deposits are in decline as the rate of use continues to grow. The price of oil and thus energy continues to increase. There will always be oil its just a question of amount and ease of access or cost to obtain it. What ever the amount that is or can be in the current rate of consumption is not sustainable nor is the rising CO2 levels . It takes 7 calories of energy from oil to produce 1 calorie of food as oil production drops and cost oil continue to rise so will food prices so will social disruptions and political unrest. Civil conflicts over scarce resource are predicted by the US intelligence services of the NSA and are considered a threat to national security. A US military plan for the suppression of such political unrest in the US has been made.  In the mean time the NSA has made use of the political unrest around the world. 
06.02 Radioactive Contamination The northern hemisphere is contaminated by leaking nuclear power plants, nuclear reprocessing facilities accidents, nuclear power plant accidents and the use of depleted uranium weapons. The worst most recent contamination of the northern hemisphere coming from a nuclear power plant in Japan. The contamination from Japan has been documented because it can be measured. However use of depleted uranium is perhaps the most insidious radioactive contamination and perhaps the most dangerous of all because of the level of use and the denial of its harmful effects. Living in the northern hemisphere is some what like playing with a loaded gun.

09.01 Nuclear War  An arms race in Asia is the response to China's massive military build up includes a new highly effective, multi-stage first-strike nuclear weapon.  This new armament is an intercontinental ballistic missile equipped with a multiple independently targetable re-entry vehicle ( MIRV ) and will increase their nuclear stockpile exponentially.  An Aisan war by or after 2020 when China is fully armed and as climate/social disruption increase the probability of a global first strike by China is extremely high.  The Chinese mind set is not the same as the Russians and it seem obvious with their mind set they unlike the Russians will use their first strike capabilities with out hesitation. The threat of nuclear war  greater danger of a nuclear war than ever before.  Yet the alarm of such as yet to be raised.      

05.01 Financial Collapse