Nathan Capen

Hey, my name is Nathan James Capen. I was born and rased in St.Louis, Michigan with a mother and father that loved God with all their hearts. For this, I know I was truly blessed! At an early age, I could feel that there was something God had planned for me and with the help of church camp, the support of my family and friends, and a swift kick form Jesus, I couldn't stay in my seat. His calling in my life was clear as if He was talking to me face to face and I gave over control to my King. I knew I was going to be a youth pastor, without a doubt, and my heart was made tender to the youth and at this point I was still one of them! 

After high school, I worked as a Youth Leader at a church in Michigan until God picked me up and moved me 1900 miles away from my home, friends, and family that I love...but who's counting! So, I started working as a full time Youth Pastor in Victor, Montana and loved it. I met my beautiful wife, Hannah, and we have been happily married for over two years! We have been part of the Missoula Church of the Nazarene for over three years now, working with the Youth and sharing our love for Jesus and all the wonderful things He as done in our lives. 9/8/2012.                                                                   
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