Fall Festival

Family Fall Festival is just one of the outreach events that we, at the Missoula Church of the Nazarene, love to do to meet new families in and around Missoula. This gives our community a nice, safe place for people to bring their children to win candy, eat hotdogs, play games, and stay warm! All at a low, low price of absolutely FREE! We would love to have you there. 

If this will be your first time at our Fall Festival, you need to know that everyone CAN dress up....Note that the wording is CAN! So, by no means do you have to dress up. Also, we have little fun games that change up every year and we add to it each year. I know that it's a better place to get candy than running door to door in the dark and the cold! We know that most of you are going out on the 31st, so come see us on the 20th! 

Saturday, October 20, 2012
5-9 PM
Missoula Church of the Nazarene Gym

If you need directions, please click on our directions link. Thank you!
Nathan J Capen