Meet the artists

Introducing just a few of the participants:

Knitting I really enjoy working with children and I love my babysitting job. It’s important to me that I stay busy doing something worthwhile. I also love learning English—if you practice with me, I will try to use any new words I learned recently!
Jewelry making.
I was just a child when I came to the U.S. This year, I'm going to graduate from high school! I am an urban farmer, and I also help out when A Little Something has weekend sales. I also help my mom with my seven siblings. I really enjoy making jewelry and earning my own money.
Durga/Bhutan Knitting.
My life in the U.S. has been very busy. I'm a mom and I'm involved with my children's school. I'm also a neighborhood leader for A Little Something. After learning English and working hard, my husband and I bought a house last year. I learned to knit in Bhutan, and my favorite things to make are children's hats and chunky scarves.
Jewelry making and embroidery. I have nine children. The youngest is a toddler and the eldest is in college. In Somalia, I was a farmer. In Colorado, I enjoy growing vegetables in the community garden, embroidering, learning English, learning to read and write, and  making jewelry with my daughters.
Jewelry making. I am a very hard-working college student. I’m also a part-time urban farmer. I love to be busy! Learning new things really makes me happy. I enjoy making jewelry with my group.
Jewelry making
 I grew up in Baghdad and trained to be a hair stylist. I love creativity and working with my hands. Learning to make jewelry has been much easier than learning English, but I enjoy both!
Htee Ku Paw/Burma
Weaving, sewing, and crochet
. I am an ethnic Karen from Burma. My parents taught me to weave when I was 8 years old, and my father also taught me tailoring. I am a parent leader at my children’s school, and I am active in the Karen community. I recently got my first “real” job in the U.S. as a hotel housekeeper.
Mama Moumina/Somalia
Jewelry making and basketry.
I was one of the first members of A Little Something. I was a farmer, traditional healer, and basket weaver in Somalia. Now I enjoy taking care of my many grandchildren. When I make jewelry and baskets, I feel good.
Mo/Burma  Weaving. I am from Burma, but my ethnicity is Karenni. Weaving is an important part of my culture. Now, for the first time ever, I am going to school. Learning English, reading, and writing is very difficult, and it keeps me busy.
Jewelry making and art cards
. I’m from Darfur where I was a fine artist and an art teacher. My real passion is textile design. I love to create! I want all women to feel empowered by their creativity. My art has been very healing for me.
Jewelry making
. I’m from Burundi. I’m married and I’m a mom. I like to study English and to make jewelry. In my country, I was a social worker. I saved all the money I made with A Little Something, and recently, my husband and I bought a home. My life is changing every day!
Jewelry making
. I enjoy making jewelry, and I often spend time with my daughters this way. I was a farmer in Somalia; I have many children, so now I’m a stay-at-home mom.
  Jewelry making
. I am an elder in the Bantu community. I was a farmer in Somalia, but there’s not much for me to do here. When my wife learned to make jewelry, I wanted to learn, too, but it took one year before I finally became the first and only man in A Little Something! Necklaces are my specialty.

Jewelry making. I’m from Bhutan. I lived in a camp in Nepal for many years. I was a farmer, but I also made traditional seed bead necklaces. Now I’m trying to learn English!