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What we need the most, right now

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This is normally where you would find the list of supplies we need, and that list is farther down on this page (just scroll down), but for for the time being, we need to be very honest about what we need most of all: Money.

Since 2007, A Little Something: The Denver Refugee Crafts Collective has been bringing refugee women together to help them build community, learn new skills, explore the healing power of the creative, and feel empowered by their earnings.

Although we have always been self-sufficient, A Little Something functions on a shoestring budget (a frayed shoestring, at that) and we need more available cash if we are to continue this work. We would like to stop fretting about our overhead expenses and focus more on creating and maintaining programs and community-building efforts for the refugee women participating in A Little Something.

Since the program started, the business model has been that the women get 75 percent of the selling cost of their items, with 25 percent going back to the business to offset expenses. For the past few years, the task of trying to sell our program participants’ creations has become an increasing logistical burden. All of us who oversee the project are volunteers who have full-time jobs elsewhere, leaving little time to work craft sales and festivals in addition to doing everything else we need to so the program can thrive. There is also a delay of many months from when a participant hands in finished work to when she gets paid because items need to sell before the women can be paid. We’d like to change that so our participants have more immediate access to their earnings.

In July of 2014, we rented a studio and office space in the neighborhood where many of the women live so that we could do more with them and grow our program. It was a good business decision, but an expensive one, given how little income we have. Although our supplies are well stocked at this time, we really need to raise much needed cash.

Our fundraising goal is twofold:

·   First, the building that houses our studio is up for sale. We'll be moving out soon, but we can't commit to renting a new space unless our financial situation is more robust. We're working on pursuing grants, but in the short-term, we need cash on hand.

·   Second, we want to change our business model so the participants don’t have to wait so long to be paid for their work. To do this, we need to buy—outright—all of our inventory currently on hand, pay the artists now for that merchandise, and going forward, pay them immediately when their work is turned in for sale. This will also give us more flexibility in pricing and eventually wholesaling our inventory. We need a cash infusion to carry out this goal.

To accomplish these goals, we really need help from our friends, followers, and supporters. Please support our campaign so that A Little Something can continue to grow and thrive.

Please visit this site to make an online donation

If you run into technical glitches on the CrowdRise site, you can also donate via PayPal using the yellow "donate" button below, or mail a check to the address below. Thank you so very much for your support!

We can also accept donations via PayPal.
Please use the yellow "Donate" button above or go to our PayPal donations page for the PayPal link.
We accept donation checks!
To donate by check, make your check payable to: A Little Something
Mail donations to:
A Little Something
PO BOX 102077 
Denver, CO 80250
Please be assured that 100% of your cash donation will go to the refugee crafts project. We are a registered 501c(3) non-profit and we will send you a tax receipt.
We are currently unable to accept any packages at our street address. (The building is in the process of being sold and is locked up and inaccessible for deliveries of any kind). Please hold donations until next month. If you must send your in-kind donations right away, use our post office box only. We expect to have a physical address again next month, April 2019.
We can accept only the following items at this time:

Our wish list: Things we currently need
  • Cash. We rent a studio and could really, really use help with our rent. You can donate via our PayPal account.
  • Professional graphic design services. Specifically, we need a real logo that can be used in electronic and print applications. We'd also like to update our marketing materials.
  • Ink cartridges for Canon Pixma MX922 printer:
  • Book of Forever postage stamps
  • A small torch, such as Bernzomatic for soldering, plus flux, silver solder, and related supplies
  • 49-strand beading wire .018 or .015 (we do not use 7-strand wire)
  • sterling silver crimp tubes #2
  • crimp covers, silver, copper, or gold color, 3mm or 4mm
  • clasps: all types, including lobster and toggle
  • closed jump rings, all sizes, especially 8mm-10mm
  • Swarovski Elements-type crystals (all brands are OK), all shapes, sizes, and colors
  • Plain white or yellow beads
  • Semi-precious stone beads (jasper, moonstone, labradorite, agate, etc.)
  • small zip-top bags for bead storage, 2"x3" or 1"x2"
  • alligator clips!
  • Sterilite medium 3-drawer storage (our shelves are set up for these, specifically)

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