2017 District VI Commissioners Cup

Any questions, text/call Tom Connolly at (916) 769-3442.
All of our referees must know and understand CCSL rules and apply them fairly (see "INFORMATION" on menu).
  1. See INFORMATION for referee procedures and send off information.
  2. NEW no-header rule for U12 and under - read and understand the new header rule. No players in 12 and under games may purposely head the ball. A purposeful attempt is a foul and results in an INDIRECT kick from the point of the header UNLESS it occurs inside the goal kick area, in which case it is placed at the fol box line. http://calnorth.org/content/cal-north-announces-heading-protocol
  3. VALID player passes are ALWAYS required. Huge insurance and liability issues exists if a player does not have a proper player pass.
  4. Many recent changes in rules are in the INFORMATION tab on the left
 Joe Zoldak (Italia 05)
 Julian Espinoza (Lobos & Arsenal)
 Mario Ortiz (Juventus) -
 Jasmin Ortiz
(Juventus)  - 
 James Sachs -
 Angel Bibriesca
 Alex Bibriesca-
 Alberto Elizarazz
 Emilio C (White Tigers) -
 Jaimie Chavez (White Tigers)
 Oscar Chavez  (White Tigers)
Salvador Chavez -
 Art Harris - 
 Dave Richard -
 Liz Jaime -

 Gerald Perez Plata
 Shawn Mayr -

 Aaron Mayr

  Art Harris -
Huber Martinez

 Sacramento Gonzales -

 Juan B -
 Jorge H
 Dennis Garcia
 Dan Garcia

 Dorian Aceves
Hector Rodarte 
 Luis Morales

 Eddie Garcia
 Hayden Garcia - 
 Marcos Ruvalcava
 Marilu Borges
 Allison and Diana Aluchuk
 Shawn Seyk (Dynamo)
 Sarah Seyk (Dynamo)
 Nick Seyk (Dynamo)
 Fernando (Racing)

 Sat Nov 11      

 ARs Time Visitor Home Team 
 Art Harris
 AR1 Tom Connolly  Sacramento G8:00  DA Italia
 F.L. Earthquakes Black
 Art Harris
 AR1 Tom Connolly  Sacramento G 9:30
 Lincoln FC Prospector SC Impact
 Dennis Garcia
 AR1  Tom Connolly Dan Garcia 11:00 Prospector FC DA FC Lions
 Dennis Garcia
 AR1 Emelio Chavez   Dan Garcia 12:45 CVU Crossfire F.L. Earthquakes Elite
 Emelio Chavez
 AR1 Javier Chavez   Oscar Chavez 2:15 Prospector FC DA Italia 05G
 Juan B
 AR1 Jorge H   Huber Martinez 3:45 SSA JEDI Prospector SC Firestorm
 Huber M
 AR1 Juan B   Jorge H 5:15 CVU Crossfire Lincoln FC Blaze
 Jorge H AR1 Huber M    Juan B 7:15 DA FC Lions SSA Jedi XI
 Sun Nov 12         
 Dave Richard
 AR1 Art Harris  Javier Chavez 9:00 Bracket A #4 U13G Bracket A #5
 Art Harris
 AR1  Dave Richard  Javier  Chavez 10:30 Gold Nugget U14G Sunrise SC Rowdies
 Emelio Chavez
 AR1 Javier C   Oscar C 12:00 Lincoln FC U14G WS SC Galaxy
 Dennis Garcia AR1 Huber M   Emelio C 1:30 Bracket A #1 U13G Quarter Final A Winner
 Huber M  AR1 Dennis Garcia   Emelio C 3:00 Bracket A #3 U13G Bracket A #2