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Watch Gravity Online Free (2013) or Download Gravity Movie Today. The opening film of the 70th Venice Film Festival is Alfonso Cuaròn's sci-fi blockbuster Gravity (2013), featuring Lido regular George Clooney and Sandra Bullock as two astronauts cast adrift in space when their shuttle is struck by satellite debris. Cuaròn has had something of a directing hiatus of late - his last film, Children of Men, screened at Venice in 2006 - but he's back like a man on a mission to reinvent the action cinema spectacle. The first hour of the film is a bravura exercise in visual storytelling, with brilliantly long uninterrupted shots - and for once, the addition of 3D makes good on its promise of an immersive experience.

Download Gravity Movie Free (2013) or Watch Gravity Online Today. This is a film that has to be seen on the big screen (and, one would presume, IMAX where possible). Only the canvas of cinema can provide the grandeur, scale and - when it comes to the sound design - the volume to tell such an epic tale. The plot is one of a shipwreck, and the film shares something of the concerns of All Is Lost, the Robert Redford sea yarn from Cannes earlier in the year. As well as occupying itself primarily with the nuts and bolts of survival, Gravity explores deeper concerns about the very value of the life we're trying to prolong. Clooney is perfectly cast as old hand Lieutenant Kowalsky. His breezy charm and 'can-do' know-how, even under extreme pressure, is delivered with an almost parodic sense of glee.