Examining Amillenialism

An eschatology page featuring the teaching of Pastor Jim McClarty of Grace Christian Assembly

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Intro to Eschatology

The History of Premillenialism

The History of Amillenialism

Augustine's Amillenialism

Defending Futurism  

Dispensationalism and Covenantalism

Is the Church Israel? pt1

Is the Church Israel? pt2


Responding to Kim Riddlebarger

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Responding to Anthony Hoekema 

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Hour 8

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A Brief History of the Future

Is the Church Israel?

"While not holding to what is known as 'Classic Dispensationalism,' this teaching series does defend the Premillennial / Pre-Tribulational position that results from the most natural reading of the text."


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Dr. Kim Riddlebarger (Ph.D., Fuller Theological Seminary) is senior pastor of Christ Reformed Church in Anaheim, California, and visiting professor of systematic theology at Westminster  Seminary California. He is also a co-host of the White Horse Inn radio program, which is broadcast weekly on more than fifty radio stations. Kim is the author of two books; A Case For Amillennialism, (Baker Books, 2003), The Man of Sin:  Uncovering the Truth About the Antichrist (Baker Books, May 2006)



 Anthony Andrew Hoekema (1913, Drachten - 17 October 1988) was a Christian theologian who served as professor of Systematic theology at Calvin Theological Seminary for twenty-one years.

Hoekema was born in the Netherlands but immigrated to the United States in 1923. He attended Calvin College (A.B.), the University of Michigan (M.A.), Calvin Theological Seminary (Th.B.) and Princeton Theological Seminary (Th.D., 1953). After pastoring several Christian Reformed churches (1944-56) he became Associate Professor of Bible at Calvin College (1956-58). From 1958 to 1979, when he retired, he was Professor of Systematic Theology at Calvin Theological Seminary in Grand Rapids, Michigan.