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The return of The Pseud Mag Ed

Former Editor of the predecessor of this magazine - The Pseud Mag - Dave Bromwich, has not been idle since relinquishing that role.  Bolton based Dave has been hard at work crafting music and this results in the release of an album on Julia Adamson's Invisiblegirl Lable on February 14th. Martin took time out to contact Dave and ask him what he has been up to of late.....

Early musical influences?

My earliest musical influence was probably my mother. She's always liked singing and indeed used to sing at functions and in pubs as well I believe. I guess she was sort of a bit of a wedding singer. I heard this record in Costa the other day - it was a version of 'Have Yourself A Merry Little Xmas' and it sounded just like me mam. It was uncanny ... even the wife thought so. I never really got madly into music though until my mid-teens really. So given my age and when I got into music I missed that initial explosion of punk. I mean my mates would talk about the sex pistols etc.... but it never interested me much back then . I was a bit more shocked about the death of Lennon back then. But not by much. I was more into the occult back then. So music had moved into that post-punk phase by the time I got into it, and that's the music that's influenced me the most. Along with 60s psychedelic and garage beat music, cso I liked that as well.

Dave Bromwich

How you got started in music?

I got started in music in the eighties in my mid to late teens. I'd learned the basics of guitar and quickly joined a band. We used to practice at the club better known (thanks to Peter Kay) as the Phoenix Night's Club. We used to practice on that stage were you see all the turns perform. I switched to vocals after that band, and went through a lot of different bands over the next 5 years or so, just local ones - Bury, Manchester and Bolton. I did most of my gigs back then with a band called Tarne, who were from Salford. I never liked doing gigs though, cos I would get really nervous and this would make me drink more... so the resulting vocals were a bit hit n miss, and there were band fights after gigs cos of this. I remember one time I had to go to a nearby hospital after the gig for stitches.. It was half the chaotic fun back then, but these days I wouldn't want to have to do it again.

How you go about making up songs, recording them etc?

I usually start with the musical idea. It is nearly always a bassline in my head that is the starting point. I don't have any lyrical ideas at this point. I just know the tempo and the basic rhythm. The music's done on the laptop so that once you have a completed song you can save it as a WAV file of MP3. So there is no specialised equipment needed to record the music.. It's only when I have Ian's parts to the song that I even think about the vocals. Whereas I always write the music sober, I always get drunk to do the vocals and write the lyrics. I find it hard to find words sometimes when sober , so I have learned that any easy way to come up with words and unexpected and unusual vocals is to get drunk. You have to be careful not to get too drunk though or you have no reactions at all and can start to completely ignore the music.

New Album "Mind-carved Canoe"

Equipment you use?

Well I use the programme Fruity Loops, which I have on my laptop. Ian, on the hand, uses a totally different program called Ableton Live. It's simply cos these are the programmes we've both become accustomed to using. It makes things a bit awkward, but until I can be arsed learning Ableton that's the way it goes for now. I don't know what equipment Ian uses other than that, the only other equipment I have is a microphne that is just a PC mic that cost about £5. I like the sound of cheap mics, I've used really dear ones in the past , but I don't like em.

How you got together with Ian - what each of you does on the tracks?

Me and Ian went to school together, I've known him for ages - he was my best man when I got married. I used to go round to his flat in the eighties with bottles of beer. I'd write stuff on his guitar and Ian would add bits and mix it all. We haven't been in touch for ages though, since he moved to Australia, but earlier this year we got back in touch through facebook. The way the tracks are done now is slightly different, but we have kept similar roles to back then in the eighties. I write an instrumental demo, which has verse - chorus - middle eight sections and send it to Ian. Ian then adds bits and puts variations into it, usually he'll extract the bassline and work from there, adding guitar bits etc. He sends this back to me and I usually put down two vocal tracks , like a main and backing vocal, and then I send it back to Australia. Finally Ian will mix it all and send the finished mix to me. I'll say if I like the mix - if so .... then job's done. Usually I like Ian's mixes - there's only one or two I've had to complain about.
Ian Harber

Music you listen to at the moment?

I listen to almost no music at all. I'll probably listen to the new Fall album when it comes out. I've listened to Bob's Reformation show a couple of times... other than that I hear what's on Radio 2 when I'm in the car. Every so often I'll listen to some music when I'm playing poker online, if the game is a bit slow and boring , cos it can help keep me patient, but a lot of the time I don't want to be distracted by music at all when I'm on the poker. I go through phases with music. At the moment I'm in a phase where I'm enjoying making music , but not that interested in listening to loads of music.

Musical plans for the future?

Well next year me and Ian are going to start on a follow-up to Mind-carved Canoe. We're having a xmas break for now though, so I can't say anything more about that cos we have done nothing at all towards it. I'd like to follow the same format as Mind-carved Canoe if Ian's up for it. ie. we do 13 main songs and then intersperse them with 12 short tracks. I like the shorter tracks cos I usually can do a short poem to those ones, and I can experiment with a weird time signature for each of them. All 12 on Mind-carved Canoe were written in crazy time signatures. So anyway, that's what I'll be up to next year. Got no plans beyond that.



News of Dave and Ian's album is here http://www.invisiblegirl.co.uk/news.html

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