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20120309 - All Tomorrow's Parties, Butlins, Minehead


Mark E. Smith 

Total Gig Length



 Audience (Ocelot)

Set List

01 Intro   03:04
02 Damflictors   03:30
03 Taking Off   02:45
04 Wolf Kidult Man   03:04
05 Psykick Dancehall   04:44
06 Nate Will Not Return   05:29
07 Strychnine   02:52
08 I've Been Duped   03:38
09 Cowboy George   04:08
10 Latch Key Kid   02:40
11 Greenway  
12 Age of Chang   01:57
13 Theme from Sparta FC   06:03
14 Bury         02:57






"Elsewhere, Mark E. Smith enters stage left to lead post-punk Manchester heroes The Fall through a rampantly-charged gnarling set. This band can be an absolute shambles, but in tonight’s mayhem their seams remain intact, for which credit should be partly awarded to keyboardist and calmly collected band adjudicator Elena Poulou. Motorik drums and plenty of material from recent album ‘Ersatz GB’ - recorded during a drug-tinged excursion to Germany - make for a commanding and beastly show of theatrics, but earlier singles ‘Bury’ and ‘Theme From Sparta FC’ are highlights. Twenty-nine albums and many ousted band members later, The Fall’s style is an ever-unpredictable entity, but with Smith’s abstract chunterings still delightfully intact they, like Mangum, remain enduring."



Wolf Kidult Man

Nate will not return

I've been duped

Cowboy George

Theme from Sparta FC

Theme from Sparta FC alternative


Latch Key Kid

Age of Chang

Theme from Sparta FC