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20101121 - Dampfzentrale, Berne, Switzerland


A tidy little gig with band in full flow and sounding rather fine indeed.

Debut of, Change , a song which has more than a little heavy rock feel about it and nice to see Muzorewi's Daughter back - last played 20th February 1981 in St Helens!

The dynamics of the set have changed somewhat with the relegation of Showcase to number 3 and interesting that EP joins MES on the atonal howling at the end of the tune.

MES does an extended peroration on "Cowboy George" where he is fine form - clarity of speech and some excellent stream of conciousness lyrics. The track listing below implies 7 minute Bury - half of it is the end of Cowboy though.  The duo of Bury and Chino are a highlight for me - the brooding menace of the latter is spine-tingling, with the heavy dub like bass relieved by surf guitar loveliness.

The song which has been tentatively titled "Good Enough" but is called "Greenway" according to the setlist for 23.11.10  - and Mark does shout "Greenway" at one point which implies that is the song title given that's how its been expressed on the set list - is heavy blues rock with a series of riffs - sounds a tad lumpen in parts as MES opines on channel hopping and how certain things are annoying - there is the basis of something fantastic here - I'd guess it needs some work. Mark apparently has told his cat to relax!

The aforementioned "Muzorewi's" is played at a funereal pace with some reference back to the original - Keiron hasn't quite captured Mighty Mike Leigh's deft touch - but I don't suppose he should really - and it's not a jaunty or askance as the original, a bit four to the floor - but Pete gets the guitar spot on and it's frankly great to hear it again after 29 years.

The near omnipresent Blindness gets aired again and is suitably viscous - the Home Secretary appears to have changed into the Works Minister which is either some Orwellian look-back or reference to the current administration. There is some definate funky-ness in this as Pete plays a little guitar figure which wouldn't be out of place in a Parliament/Funkadelic track. Mark does his trade-mark cack-handed synth solo.

The audience is treated to a second encore with a hyperactive version of Hot Cake with squidgy synth sounds and too low guitar.

This all bodes well for the handful of UK dates to follow and the trip to the Antipodes.

Two available recordings

Version 1 recorded by nadir_53 - with Edirol R-09HR, built-in microphones

01    New Song            03:42
02    Theme From Sparta F.C.            04:20
03    O.F.Y.C.Showcase            04:03
04    Cowboy George            04:01
05    Bury            07:04
06    Chino            04:45
07    Good Enough            05:15
08    Weather Report            04:42
09    Strychnine            04:15
10    Encore Calls            01:55
11    Muzorewis Daughter            03:59
12    Blindness            07:23
13    Encore Calls            01:16
14    Hot Cake            03:38

Version 2 recorded by swiss tapes