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20070401 - Hammersmith Palais, London, England

Mark E Smith 
Elena Poulou  
Tim Presley  
Pete Greenway  
Robert Barbato  
Dave Spurr 
Orpheo McCord  

Senior Twilight Stock Replacer  
Pacifying Joint  
Fall Sound  
Over! Over! 
Theme from Sparta F.C.  
Hungry Freaks Daddy  
Wrong Place, Right Time  
My Door  
The Wright Stuff 
White Lightning  

One audience audio 
One audience DVD 
A live album of this with CD/DVD was released in 2009. 

Theme from Sparta F.C.

Excellent audience recording. Very clear vocals , drums a little low in the mix.

Penultimate gig ever played at the (in)famous Hammersmith Palais.

Notable for the dual guitar antics of Pete and Tim which adds another layer of mesmerising sound. Everything sounds fuller and more complex which only adds to its intensity and attractiveness.

Some significant verbal extemporization by Meister Smith tonight including a brief visit from the 50 year old man at the beginning of "Over! Over!" and commentary on the press in relation to the English game during "Sparta". Also it appears that Barbato was told to shave his beard or face the sack earlier in the day as an April fool

There appears to be a slight interruption by a stage invader during "Wright Stuff" which has the clearest vocals so far on the tour from Elena.

All in all an exceptional performance with highlights being an almost complete "Hungry Freaks", a twisted psychedelic reading of "My Door" which had echoes of Quicksilver Messenger Service with its continuous soloing, and the usual mammoth version of "Blindness" which seems somewhat faster but altogether more funkier than usual on this occasion.

Somewhat appropriately things are brought to a close at the Palais with a very fast "Reformation" preceded by the interaction of an angry punter who has a go at all and sundry for not showing enough respect. Stage diving and heavy handed security cuts the song short and Mark closes matters by thanking all concerned for allowing "us" into the "security area" and advising that the band is "off to civilisation".

Great gig with some historical importance. Full team out as well.

There is an audience DVD which is a good capture but a little discontinuity occurs in places.