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19901203 - The Fridge, Brixton, London

Mark E Smith - Vocals
Craig Scanlon - Guitar
Steve Hanley - Bass
Kenny Brady - Violin, Keyboards
Simon Wolstencroft - Drums

Idiot Joy Showland (3:13)
Blood Outta Stone (4:03)
Littlest Rebel (3:44)
High Tension Line (3:53)
Bill is Dead (4:34)
Hit the North (3:02)
Big New Prinz (5:03)
Black Monk Theme (4:13)
British People in Hot Weather (3:14)
Mr Pharmacist (2:01)
Zagreb (3:42)
And Therein (3:07)
Life Just Bounces (4:42)
White Lightning (2:17)
Arms Control Poseur (6:00)
Wrong Place Right Time (2:57)
Don't take the pizza (2:29)
I'm Frank (2:46)
U.S. 80's 90's (4:30)

A fair audience tape which needed speed correction on my version. Some intermittent audience chatter which is quite intrusive, fortunately only in small order. A peculiarly muddy sound which little separation and despite the speed correction Mark sounding incredibly lethargic in places. Its listenable but the odd tone to the whole thing is somewhat distracting.

Back from the Antipodes, Japan, and Greece, via Reading and Norwich, the band embarked on a short tour of the UK through the early weeks of December. Relying heavily on Extricate and The Dredger & High Tension Line singles material with one or two oldies thrown in this is a good gig, however not a classic.

High points are the rarely played "Don't take the pizza" and an intense "Arms control poseur" but generally speaking this is a tad constipated in places with the band drifting rhythm wise and Mr Smith messing up his lines on a couple of occassions.

For completists only.