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19830321 - The Venue, London, England

Mark E. Smith - Vocals
Craig Scanlon - Guitar
Steve Hanley - Bass
Paul Hanley - Drums. Keyboards
Karl Burns - Drums

Mere Pseud Mag Ed    
Words of Expectation     
Ludd Gang     
Kicker Conspiracy  
Tempo House    
Hexen Definitive-Strife Knot  
The Man Whose Head Expanded   
Pilsner Trail     
Room to Live    
Eat Y'self Fitter    

1 hour 24 minutes

Audience Audio

Reasonable audience recording of a long gig - my copy only has one minute of Eat Y'Self Fitter and no Middlemass

Pro-shot video of  sections of "Words of Expectation" - released on TV Wipeout (A Contemporary Entertainment For Television) (Doublevision DV4)