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19830322 - The Venue, London, England

Mark E. Smith  
Craig Scanlon 
Steve Hanley  
Paul Hanley 
Karl Burns 

Mere Pseud Mag Ed    
Words of Expectation     
Ludd Gang     
Kicker Conspiracy  
Tempo House    
Hexen Definitive-Strife Knot  
The Man Whose Head Expanded   
Pilsner Trail     
Room to Live    
Eat Y'self Fitter    

1 hour 24 minutes

Audience Audio

Reasonable audience recording of a long gig - my copy only has one minute of Eat Y'Self Fitter and no Middlemass

Pro-shot video of  sections of "Words of Expectation" - released on TV Wipeout (A Contemporary Entertainment For Television) (Doublevision DV4)

For some time it was assumed that this gig was on 21st Match however research by Dannyno and ourselves indicate a Felt (the support band on the night) bootleg of the date listed as 22nd or 23rd and the NME of the time lists the gig as 22nd. The strong probability is here fore that the gig was on the 22nd and we have therefore logged it as such.