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19780722 - Deeply Vale Peoples Free Festival, near Bury, England

Mark E Smith 
Martin Bramah 
Yvonne Pawlett  
Marc Riley 
Karl Burns 

Psycho Mafia
Rebellious Jukebox 
 Stepping Out 
   Like To Blow  
Mess Of My 
 Industrial Estate 
It's The New Thing  
 Futures And Pasts
 Music Scene 
 Bingo Master's Breakout
 Brand New Cadillac

Net Gig Length - 41m
Officially Released on Live at Deeply Vale (OZIT CD785) minus last two tracks but replaced by Granada TV appearance 
Complete Set Officially released as Bingo Masters at the Witch Trials (OZIT DAN CD 928)

Audience Audio
The photograph on the cover of the CD is from the appearance the following year.    
  very tinny or a muddy rhythmic splurge.

 - "Good afternoon! When I was on the witch trials of the twentieth century, they said, 'You are an aesthetic anasthetic. Your repetition will never be.' Right, noise!" (before "Repetition")
- "We're going to knock you down, we're going to come inside your head. Thank you and good afternoon...right, Psycho Mafia take one." 
- "We like to be in tune, this being our first experience of open air festivals." (before Rebellious Jukebox)v
- "Right, that's for all you skinheads. 'Like To Blow'. You're all slack." (before "Like To Blow")
- "Thank you. This one's about radios, videos, a signal (...). A note of your own choice, boys and girls." (before "Mess Of My")
- "Martin (Branch), reach out and tell of industrial estate. I cannot see one - that makes a change. Get up for ind est." (before "Industrial Estate")
- "I dream about taking some terrorists out for a quiet drink and getting them to stick a bomb up the architect's arse, the tv popman's (?) arse, you know, dreams, you know, when the only solution is retribution." (extra lyrics in Mess Of My)
- Right, the new one" (before It's The new Thing)
- "Another slow one for you - a song of contrasts, for my mother and my sister." (in fake American accent) 
- "Martin, reach out and tell one of Industrial Estate. I can't see one that makes a change. Get up for Industrial Estate-ah."
- "We'll do 'Futures And Pasts', Martin. Do 'Futures And Pasts', Martin, yeah? We're a democratic band, y'know." [In American accent] "We're just going for a conference to talk about our futures and our pasts." (before "Futures And Pasts")
- "Last number now, right, come on Martin, sing a song, you can do it." (before Music Scene)